RIT AAUP July 3, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano, J. Naud

II No additions/corrections were offered to the 6/6/08 minutes.

III Old Business

1. Report from the RIT Adjunct Survey Review Committee. The committee's findings were discussed again and a final version will be forthcoming. It was agreed that the President will forward the results to Provost Haefner, Ex-Provost McKenzie, and President Destler for information purposes and to ask about progress with the salary increment that Provost McKenzie announced last year but that has not yet been offered in the new year contracts of our members in attendance.

2. We again urged any RIT AAUP members interested in being on the ballot for chapter leadership in this falls election please contact T. Policano. C. Monikowski will be added to the ballot for Secretary.

3. T. Policano reported on the RIT academic Senate motion to redefine Lecturer at RIT. There is not a clear definition of the requirements for advancement from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer. Neither is there a definition/process for transition from Adjunct to Lecturer. We will refer research and recommendations to the Adjunct Review Committee if they have not yet addressed this in their report.

IV New Business

1. T. Policano has contacted the new Provost to set a meeting to review our RIT AAUP chapter activities on campus on behalf of the RIT Faculty and to discuss ways we can be of help to the Provost in achieving his goals at RIT. Topics will include; implementation of the newly approved policy definition of Lecturer at RIT in particular the need for criteria to be established for promotion to senior lecturer, and the adjunct survey follow up committee report.

2. As a result of a request made at our last meeting, T. Policano on behalf of the faculty or RIT has taken the initiative to establish a retention committee for the purposes of sharing with the new Provost strategies that promote dentition that have found success in various special programs/activities at RIT that can be scalable to all students. This ad hoc committee is scheduled to meet July 7 and will include, T. Policano, S. Maggelakis, B. Heifferon, D. Mathiason, L. Goodwin, J. Loffredo, E. Hensel, K. Waterstram-Rich.

3. Chapter meetings for next year will be set for the second Friday of the academic calendar month as often as possible on the second friday or every academic calendar month from 1:00-2:00PM: 9/12/08, 10/10/08, 12/12/08, 1/9/09, 2/13/09, 3/13/09, 4/10/09, 5/8/09 if possible.

respectfully submitted T. Policano 7/8/08