RIT AAUP August 7, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano, J. Naud, V. Serravallo, J. Aumer

I. Provost’s Attendance

The Provost expressed interest in attending the Chapter meetings. His visit will be coordinated with the chapter and an agenda for discussion will be prepared.

II. Adjunct Faculty

A. Pay: The issue of previous informal agreements about RIT adjunct salary increases was raised. The Institute report on faculty salaries will include lecturer salaries as well. The chapter will review the situation for adjunct pay and follow up with the new provost about a salary increase reported by Stan McKenzie last year at Academic Senate.

B. Online courses: The issue of the effects of the growing number of distance courses was raised. Several questions were asked:

1. If non-RIT faculty are hired to teach such courses, what is the process, and does it include an oversight process?

2. Does RIT have a long-term plan for providing such courses?

3. How might the regional rise in distance learning—making it potentially more attractive for local adjuncts to work from home instead of teaching a regular course at RIT—affect RIT’s pool of (in-class) adjunct labor?

4. Are RIT’s online courses subject to the Institute and College Curriculum Committees, and if so, have all such courses be so reviewed?

III. Chapter Elections and Dues

President Policano will inform all Chapter members of the upcoming academic year 2008-2009 elections for Chapter officers.

The reduced dues schedule for AAUP new members will continue. Join AAUP

IV. Retirement

The 'buy-out' plan was discussed. This refers to the situation wherein a faculty member's last contract year prior to retirement becomes a privately negotiated arrangement between faculty member and dean that includes continued scholarly activity with full pay, benefits, and possibly no teaching. Such plans have occurred occasionally at RIT. Does the process of 'buy-out' need to be formalized in RIT policy?

respectfully submitted V. Serravallo 8/24/08, revised 8/28/08