RIT AAUP September 12, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer

I. Old business

  • Retention Committee Report: Provost Haefner is establishing “Tiger Teams” and our former committee is being disbanded/subsumed under the new structure.
  • Faculty “buyouts” (see minutes from 8/7/08): referred to RIT Academic Senate Faculty Affairs standing committee.
  • IRS form: T Policano and J. Aumer will take care of the IRS Form is due in February 2009 and must include all income received for the year 2008.
  • Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges: includes attention to adjuncts and non-tenure faculty (through work of AAUP last year)

II. New business

  • Meeting with Provost Haefner set for Friday October 10, SDC-2102  ~1:40 PM
    • Possible topics for his visit from J. Naud: The first ten topics are related to adjunct faculty:
      • 1.     Pay
      • 2.     Pay equity (discipline based?)
      • 3.     Promotion path
      • 4.     Promotion criteria
      • 5.     Future status of EDF since lecturers are now defined
      • 6.     Equipment support (ex. laptops following FAST model)
      • 7.     Annual evaluations including using peers
      • 8.     Tenure track hiring path for adjunct
      • 9.     How to calculate adjusted start date of hired
      • 10.  Office and storage space

      • 11.  Overview/status of benchmarking history of full-time faculty
      • 12.  Benefits
      • 13.  Documenting existing practice for “buy-outs” of tenured faculty
      • 14.  Equitable work loads
    • T. Policano and J. Naud will expand the topics a bit, send them to the Provost with appropriate links to other documents so he can be informed
    • It would be great to have a crowd – tell your peers!
  • Adjunct survey
    • It was decided that a follow-up survey be created with additional questions to help differentiate colleges, etc. The survey can be created: “if you completed this before…if you did not”.
    • Question was raised – should HR be asked for data re adjuncts’ pay?
    • Discussion re moving the AAUP site to RIT servers: security issue, and good to be included
  • Faculty social including ALL faculty (last year, special time only for adjuncts)
    • Friday November 7 @ “lovin’ cup” (ParkPoint, MacGregors, or elsewhere 4:00-6:00 PM
  • RIT AAUP Officer nominations ends today 9/12/08 @ 5PM; emails will go out next week to members for Clipboard voting
  • NYS AAUP Fall Conference @ Hilbert College, Hamburg NY; T. Policano will send out emails soon with info.

III. Anything else?

  • We need to follow up on having an RIT daily newsletter/digest, rather than all of us getting so many “announcement” emails on a daily basis
  • After the 21 day report, T. Policano will get the emails of faculty in categories, for the adjunct emails.
  • Everyone is encouraged to attend the Academic Senate meetings!

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 9/12/08, revised 9/21/09