DATE: January 9, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.
LOCATION: 55-2405

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 12/12/08 approved by email

Old business:

1. Adjunct Faculty Meeting set for Thursday 4 – 6PM February 5, 2009

a. President Policano attended the October NY AAUP meeting @ Hilbert College where the keynote speaker was Vinny Tirelli (Brooklyn college/CUNY/PSC), one of the founders of COCAL (Coalition Of Contingent Academic Labor); perhaps he has something to share, as a focus for that meeting.

b. Also, upcoming NYS AAUP Conference Spring 2009 meeting @ Marymount Manhatten College in NYC, April 17-18, 2009.

c. President Policano reported that he receives numerous emails from adjuncts asking for info so hopefully, people will attend

d. Group in Action: planning for Wednesday April 1, 2009 as “campus equity day” as a day of action and visibility for adjuncts. Bob Samuels has started a movement (on listserv) to bring attention to adjuncts/contingents and RIT is looking to show support.

2. FYE Forum

a. President Policano reported 400 views and 12 posts so far. Latty Goodwin has said this forum is helpful. She is also holding forums in each of the colleges and distributing paper copies of surveys.

New Business:

1. President Policano request change of upcoming meetings:

a. February 13, March 20, April 3, May 8 are set for the remainder of this year

2. Status Report on Dishonorable Conduct Efforts at RIT

a. Draft distributed, “University Resources for Discussing and/or Reporting Concerns about Dishonorable Conduct, Harassment, or Discrimination” (dated October 20, 2008). Note that RIT’s Ombudsperson is the only “real” confidential resource. The committee continues to meet with the administration; info will be made available to all faculty/staff…hopefully will be finalized soon.

3. Follow up Adjunct Survey

a. Our Adjunct Forum has had 33 posts and 560 views in one year; it would be helpful if we could keep the discussions alive and update the info periodically.
b. In general, since moving our AAUP site to RIT, it has been much cleaner and no spam/complaints.
c. President Policano is still working on getting an email list; our last year’s list has 200 adjuncts so we can use that but how accurate is it?
- discussion about COLA and accuracy: there are approx 120 adjuncts on their list and 350+ overall at RIT
- we need to check on this d. time for “second annual survey” for adjuncts, to be sent to everyone; we have some additional questions to clarify/focus on the info we collected last year:
- discussion ensued on rationale for 10 questions to be subsumed into last year’s survey

PROVOST J. Haefner arrived at approx 1:40

Originally came to have discussion re “merit allocation” but President Destler just announced that, because of economic climate, the salary planning process will not happen this spring. There is a financial pool set aside for possible distribution in the fall but, depending on the national economic climate and our own enrollment, we may not see raises this year – under the circumstances, this makes sense.

Adjunct faculty – excluded all along. COLA adjuncts have not had increases in years (some say 15 years) and what they have received is 2%. President Policano suggested that what can happen this year is for the Provost to meet with the Executive Committee of AS, with President Destler, and include the Lecturers on the merit spreadsheet…again, transparency.

Provost indicated that there may need to be a budget request but he is not yet familiar with the adjunct pool. Colleges don’t get additional $$ if the colleges don’t ask. Former Provost looked at pool, compared us with other colleges, then per rank in our RIT colleges, then delivered $ to Deans to use at their discretion (with some flexibility). Provost Haefner wants this to be a transparent process, but that can be delayed for now (because salary planning process will not happen this spring).

Provost said it is possible that Deans use adjunct $$ for other raises. If RIT decides to address pay raises for adjuncts, there will not be that flexibility. Discussion ensued – COLA seems to have a fixed rate; each college is different (although market does come into play). Former Provost did a survey of other schools that showed RIT at the top. Discussion ensued – currently MCC and U of R are higher in liberal arts; Provost would like to see the data. President Policano explained that we are currently updating the adjunct survey and offered to share the data from last year with the Provost, before we create a new one…to include possible recommendations. Again, the issue of an accurate email list came up and, an email list that can be validated by having DCE usernames. Provost suggested we contact the Help Desk to have a “trail” and did not see a problem with this request.

Provost left – but a great opportunity for us to share the adjunct data with him.

Discussion on possible calendar changes:
Academic Affairs met recently and it appears the administration is “open to the idea” of a calendar change, but a change to semesters would potentially deplete a lot of energy that could be focused on other areas.

Some additional info on the calendar:
- Chris Licata said the possible quarter change (likely #3) would steal the energy to change to semesters in the future;
- Approx 60% return on 800+surveys – 50% felt it would be problematic to adjust to the “late end”. Moving our end date into June hurts students trying to do summer coops (e.g. Microsoft, U.S. Government, NASA). It appeared that the Provost still prefers option 3, despite this info. He requested more info from “study abroad”…but may become overwhelmed with the diversity of the institute.

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 1/10/09, revised 1/11/09