DATE: February 13, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 1/9/09 approved by email

Old Business:

1. FYE review continues. The forum topic has 16 posts and 550 views

2. Provost Haefner has offered to Institutionalize the RIT Adjunct Survey begun by this group last year. This is seen as a positive opportunity. T. Policano has been asked to chair this committee. At this point the committee will include two faculty selected by Academic Senate, Lynn Wildand others. T. Policano has submitted two Adjunct Faculty names and asked that they be included.

New Business:

1. Academic Senate elections will take place this spring. Faculty nominations for AS executive committee were discussed.

2. The Adjunct Faculty Meeting held February 5, 2009 was attended by 18 RIT Faculty. Over 25 Adjunct Faculty expressed support for our activities, would have liked to attend but had conflicts and asked to kept informed. Provost Haefner stopped in at the beginning of the meeting to assure RIT Adjunct Faculty that he appreciates their contribution to RIT and that he is interested in hearing from RIT Adjunct Faculty.

An Adjunct Faculty reviewed the results from last years Adjunct Faculty Survey and proceeded to take suggestions for improving the existing questions and recommendations for additional questions.

A topic of concern to those attending and from those that could not attend as well related to the new pay schedule for adjuncts begun this fall. The 6 pay period quarter schdule that matched the tenure faculty pay schedule was changed to a 5 pay period schedule to address the need to ask for pay back from Adjunct Faculty that have classes cancelled after the start of the quarter. T. Policano has summarized the issue and made a request to the Provost to take another look at this solution. Hopefully the new pay schedule can be modifed again so that the solution to this situation does not come as a disadvantage to Adjunct Faculty as a whole.

3. The topic of adding + and/or - Grades to the RIT grading system was discussed. This is a topic underconsideration by the AS Academic Affairs Committee this year.

4. A faculty member asked if it were possible to get an overview of Adjunct Faculty Salaries by college. We will look into this.

5. Earlier in the week there was an extended black out of at least two buildings on campus (over 40 minutes). It was noted that http://emergency.rit.edu did not have any information about the situation. It was also noted that this emergency page maintained by RIT Communications did not have timely information about the school closing that occurred earlier this winter. T. Policano has sent a message to President Destler suggesting that this page should always have the most current and specific information about any campus emergencies regardless of the degree of severity of those emergencies.

respectfully submitted T. Policano,2/20/09, revised 2/22/09