DATE: June 10, 2009: 9:00-10:00 A.M.
LOCATION: 07A-1510

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano
No minutes from last meeting

Last meeting spent time talking about E6.0 policy

  • Lecturer – former wording had “tiers”, but said “may get”; our original proposal for the Lecture position has been accepted and says “will get” after three years;
  • Research faculty – are there teaching requirements or responsibilities for student learning? This was originally “argued out” but now back in again and ”will be engaged with students” is included;
  • Other wording was changed – tenure-track faculty who receive grants sufficient to support stepping out of their positions while doing research are relieved of their teaching responsibilities, committee work, etc. The language of E6 changed the locus of control to the administration but it should be with the individual faculty member; Provost Haefner has argued that this could be abused by faculty afraid of going up for tenure (avoiding it), but let’s have faith in our faculty! President Policano will meet with the Provost on July 22 to discuss this further.
  • Emeritus – President Policano will also discuss this with Provost Haefner on July 22 the possibility of emeritus positions (alternative retirement positions to free up more tenure positions) and buyouts; currently we only have the three-year transitions and under-table buyouts but we need to bring this out into the open and address the issue before it becomes a problem; we are approaching tenure saturation with faculty staying in their positions for 40 years – if the economy doesn’t improve, this will only get worse.
  • Voting rights – emeritus, research faculty, and lecturers cannot vote; this needs to be addressed/discussed.

Dishonorable conduct committee – not much going on with that

  • staff feel that they need a union and have been investigating this possibility; RIT may luck out this time but we need to stay involved.


DHCC did accomplish one thing in more than a year of meetings

  • Most people had no idea where to go with issues; our chart has been reviewed by numerous people and is now very accurate; everyone who has an issue should read – we have a link on our webpage but this should be spotlighted on the front page

New Technology Task Force (across the Institute) – President Policano has been invited to participate and plans to discuss a number of issues, including RIT’s email; we need $75K to re-do our email (which is really cheap); online courses also use this and that’s a money maker.

New Faculty Majority: Adjunct Solidarity

  • a “focal point for the exchange of ideas and information relating to adjunct actions”; more discussion at future meetings
  • http://thenewfacultymajority.blogspot.com
  • there is also a meeting on this topic at the national AAUP conference in Washington DC this week; President Policano will attend this conference


RIT Academic Senate meets every 2 weeks during the academic year and Standing Committees are charged, at the beginning of every year, with issues/questions and come back to the larger body for support and/or policy change; the better the charges, the more proactive therefore imp that we can get issues on the docket. In addition, the membership of all committees is on the website; it may help to have some “pre” discussion/education  with some members.

  • Ask for Eisenhart-like award for Lecturers; we have 300 such positions and now we have a career path, although clarification is still needed; wording for current Eisenhart has been changed to be even more restricted so we need this.
  • We’re not done with E6; we need to keep working on it. It says, “senior lecturer after 5 years can be given 3-year contracts” but there isn’t any clear criteria/procedure; the RIT Policy and Procedure Manual is all we have; we cannot help anyone so we need to continually focus on that and make sure our issues are in there so we can support faculty; the issue of “terminal degree” needs to be discussed also.
  • Graduate Council – currently, Andrew Moore is chair; can we maybe get a faculty member as co-chair?
  • Faculty Affairs – Review voting policies (as discussed above re emeritus, research faculty, and lecturers); also, currently only tenure/tenure-track faculty can serve on committees – can we include contingent representation?
  • Research Allocation Budget Committee, RABC – make sure they do the salary benchmarking (equity problems with salary, even among the tenured); there’s a new program approval process but faculty cannot look as these proposals…which complicates the issue: when faculty approve a new program, what are we approving (additional resources? Removing something else?); this needs to be resolved.
  • RABC/HR faculty benefits has only one faculty rep; we need to make sure faculty are well-represented on this committee:
    • Equity – Provost is aware of the NTID process for equity; it should be implemented across colleges;
    • Should we separate budget pool for tenured and non-tenure?
    • Alternative buyout?
    • Salary benchmarking – now we’ve lost one year; the NTID regression analysis process is an example, developed with Cornell Univ – Don Beil has more info and Provost is already aware of this data
  •  Security advisory/academic secutiry – will be discussed at national AAUP
    • policies, procedures…and now we have “standards” – what’s the governance structure for developing procedures? Administration is trying to keep up with change but it’s chaotic and not wise; we need to pay attention; small committees are making big decisions
  • Distribution for tenure-track positions that outlines allocations; we need public info for Lecturers, too it
  • Center for Academic Integrity and WML membership - we should use this as a model for RIT

Jason Pitoniak has developed a voting instrument we can use and it’s very close to anonymous     vote.rit.edu

AAUP – is there an objection to letting us have time during new faculty orientation? In the past, there were so many groups so it’s like a poster session. Many faculty associate us with a union.

Treasurer’s Report
We currently have a CD  $4970; it will be rolled over and we will re-visit the issue in 6 months.

Agenda for next time – more discussion on visibility and community outreach, perhaps a membership person? Paulette Swartzfager volunteered.

Next meeting Wednesday July 8 Noon – 2PM  GFH-1500

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 6/15/09, revised ______