DATE: July 8, 2009: 12:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J., C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 6/10/09 approved

Anyone have anything to add to the agenda before we begin?

  • Update on the adjuncts’ salaries issue – President Policano has met with the Provost and they have discussed two possible solutions: 1) stay with 6 paychecks but skip the first, double the second, the remaining 5 are “normal”; 2) stay with 6 paychecks and if a class is cancelled, RIT deals with it (this is doubtful because the estimated cost to RIT is $50K). The question is, what would the adjuncts prefer? This can be included in our next “adjunct survey”.
  • President Policano reported that the Provost is interested in the charges we sent to RIT’s Academic Senate after our last AAUP meeting.
  • VP Naud will meet with Provost Haefner to discuss the history of benchmarking, including info on the Lecture positions. We have been successful with the Lecture policy and we need to continue to talk/think about this.

Old business
1.  RIT E6.0 Faculty & Staff Policies changes

  • President Policano reported at the last meeting of AS they were approved, but still more work to be done (e.g. guidelines for promotion).
  • RIT dropped the requirement for terminal degree for 3-year contract and wording was changed from “will” to “may” (if you get Senior Lecturer, you “will” get 3-year contract) but no specific criteria. This position, requiring a terminal degree, should be a preferred path to a tenure-track positions. People who don’t have terminal degrees could still get 3-year contracts. The point is, the more we can put in writing, the better for everyone; the Provost is very interested in having a “career teacher” at RIT that’s not tenure-track. What’s best for the students? Emeritus faculty?
  • MCC supposedly guarantees long-time adjuncts interviews for tenure-track positions.
  • Contracts for AY 2009-10 went out in April 2009; however, if the new policy is online, it applies.
    • Items to be included in agenda for next meeting:
      • Lecture contracts for AY 2009-10: The policy – perhaps we should ask Lecturers if their contracts are in compliance and ask for their feedback so we can work on this issue. (approved policy May 21, 2009 on AS webpage)

2. New Faculty Majority – solidarity for adjuncts
AFT, NEA, AAUP, etc have policies in place about equity;

  • this past March 2009, a group of adjuncts put together an organization, nationwide, to try to have some kind of action for equity and better recognition but not much happening
    • apathy because many adjuncts at other IHE have full-time positions
    • at recent NY state AAUP meeting, rep from Syracuse gave out some info which we could distribute via our email list.
    • Finger Lakes Community College organized GRADE (Greater Rochester Adjuncts…..); they were supposed to try and organize the area but it fell apart
    • As an aside…RIT is offering a Faculty Learning Community for adjuncts this summer – can we get some info? (C. Monikowski will report at next meeting)
    • Continue this discussion at our next meeting

3. Academic Senate Standing Committees charges

  • Our charges did go forward and Provost wants a copy; he is interested in us so we try to keep him informed.

New Business
1. Action Plan for AY 2009-10

  • What are we going to try to accomplish next year as an organization? what are our goals?
    • follow up adjunct survey?
    • Policy re Lecturers?
    • Continue this discussion at our next meeting

2. University Policy and Review Development UPRD – This is a “systematic review of [RIT’s] policy system as well as all university-level policies and procedures” and will be accountable to the Institute Council Executive Committee (ICEC), charged with ‘recommending enhancements to the university’s policy system, edits to improve the Institute Policy and Procedures Manual, and updates to individual policies and procedures”:
Office of the President – Kit Mayberry
Ombuds office – Lee Twyman
Office of Provost & St. VP, Acad. Affiars & Dean’s Council – Sue Provenzano
Academic Senate/faculty – Tom Cornell
Staff Council/staff – Cheri McKee
SBG/students – Teraisa Chloros
Human Resources – Kathleen Martin (Chair of UPRD)
Student Conduct  Joe Johnston
Global risk Management Services – John Zink
ITS – Dave Pecora
Office of Legal Affiars – Bobby Colon and Denis Charlesworth

Four task forces will be established: section C, University-wide Policies; section D, Educational Policies; section E, Faculty Policies; section E (sic), Staff Policies. President Policano will participate in section E, Faculty Policies.

  • Shared governance @ RIT – it is extremely important to have good rules, policies, procedures; make sure it’s the best thinking. RIT also has “standards” (which do not include faculty input)
  • Everyone seems to agree (verbal confirmation) that the new policy/procedures will have archived documents (using RIT’s Digital Media Library) associated with them so when things change, there will be a link to docs to show intent, how it changed, etc.
  • New institute requirements for “institute equipment standards” (including blackberries); faculty seem to be accepting this, no questions asked. Perhaps we can have a panel/info session to explain this. This notion of “standards” should not be outside the purview of shared governance and faculty should be included in any committee that impacts the work of faculty.

3. Provost Initiatives

  • Ongoing discussion re “Emeritus” concept and post-tenure employment at RIT – perhaps “distinguished associate” would be a better word choice because “emeritus” already means something in the Academy.
  • Ongoing discussion re the plight of our adjuncts; RIT has an opportunity to develop a better policy than so many other institutions
  • Ongoing discussion with President Policano re appropriate representation of Lecturers and Adjuncts in AS

4. Other info
Recent AAUP national meeting (President Policano attended, June 2009)

  • meeting was extremely positive; also there were approx 70 panels/presentations by faculty who “came to talk” about issues
  • Gary Rhodes is the new General Secretary and is seen as a “problem-solver”.
  • NY state is working on unemployment for adjuncts (any info?)
  • U.S. Congress
    • no longer outsourcing student loans to banks which means no interest paid til education is completed;
    • hoping to re-visit Taft-Hartley decision that decided faculty are “management”; legislation has been written/discussed but never made it out of Committee.
    • Rep. Carolyn McCarthy shared info about approved expansion of AmeriCorps to 250K participants! In addition, earnings do not count against disability income and seniors can be hired – good news for education!
  • Issues re non-tenure faculty:
    • This year, for the first time, AAUP sanctioned a college for their treatment of an adjunct (last year = first time for treatment of a lecturer)
    • Recent Chronicle article about lawsuit involving an adjunct who was fired because she was “organizing” (can we get a copy of this?)

This should be one of our charges for the next AY – getting more faculty to our meetings. We can discuss adding a new position to our Executive Committee…but for now, Ad Hoc Membership committee chaired by Paulette Swartzfager.

Next meeting Wednesday August 12, 2009
Noon – 2PM, Gordon Field House 1500
Items for agenda (from above):

1. Our Action Plan for AY 2009-10
2. Lecture contracts for AY 2009-10: do they comply with new policy?
3. Report from C. Monikowski on RIT’s Faculty Learning Community for Adjuncts (this summer)
4. Membership – can we do something @ RIT New Faculty Orientation?
5. New Faculty Majority – should we distribute info to our adjuncts via email?

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 7/12/09, revised ______