DATE: September 18, 2009

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, P. Swartzfager, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano

A number of new faculty came to our meeting! President Policano introduced himself, summarized our work, what we do (AAUP since 1915); we’re an advocacy chapter not a union and we have a good relationship with the administration.

Handout from Provost Haefner/Lynn Wild – answer to our question from last meeting re New Faculty Orientation for Adjuncts and WML resources.


New Faculty Majority http://adj-l.org/mailman/listinfo/adj-l_adj-l.org

  • New website and trying to make changes, although not too much activities
  • Want to inform the general public about higher education
  • Press has implied that inferior education comes from so many adjuncts rather than the fact that adj aren’t getting enough support!!

Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges

  • There were over 20 pages of recommendations but this year’s charges were quite succinct and modest – we offered 10 and 4-5 were included.
  • One = modified to “faculty affairs committee would look at the distribution across colleges of various faculty”. We already do that by asking HR for numbers and it’s published on our site.
  • President Policano suggested that the charge be changed to evaluate the distribution of faculty that RIT wants to have; we now have a category of Lecturer, but the tenured faculty should talk about fair and equitable distribution. We’re up to 17K students and still growing; how many new tenure-track positions do we have? should we have?

University Policy Review and Development (UPRD) Activities
RIT’s Policy & Procedures:

  • One word change can make a huge difference so this is extremely important. Kathleen Martin has a one-year leave to lead this re-write the P&P this AY.
  • First meeting = last week; charge is to finish review of this by March 15, 2010. President Policano is on the task force that is addressing Section E; if anyone has any issues in any section of the P&P, pass those concerns along to your faculty rep, to Martin, to Policano so things can be improved during this review.
  • For example, RIT has a grievance policy on denied, but the wording is not consistent. J. Naud has info – please give to President Policano. This chapter is often involved in some part of the grievance process, although these issues are not discussed at our meetings.
  • Q on the UPRD – this committee is ad hoc and reports to Provost but is not part of AS. The finished work goes to the AS, although there seems to be confusion about the entire process.

Fall Faculty social – we’re here!!!

  • New Faculty Orientation Report
    Paulette – had a good table and talked “in-depth” (longer than 5 mins) to approx 15 people, handed out flyers; many of those who chatted were Lecturers, and a few adjunct, meaning most were contingent – great to have them involved.
  • We’ve worked with adjuncts for approx 2 years but they are still struggling. Not included in orientation this fall 091.

Other issues…
--Second Faculty Learning Community being offered this quarter (first one was this past summer); Sarah Cass is an advocate for adjuncts.
--No computer available for faculty at WML, as before; this seems to have been changed with the new organization. They say you can “make appointments” but we don’t know if this is successful. Tech support is very inconsistent for adjuncts across colleges.
--Provost had indicated he wanted to institutionalize the adjunct survey and establish a committee; he has expressed interest in this, but we haven’t see anything. We should “remind” him of this and then continue the work ourselves.

  • Do we continue to have his “ear”?
  • Are adjuncts invited to their Department meetings?
--H1N1: NY state Health Dept. predicts 30-40% of students will be infected/absent. Provost interrupted first AS meeting to talk about this.
  • Recommendation is that faculty try to make accommodations, have an online “presence” vis-à-vis MyCourses so students know what’s going on in class (a problem for some adjuncts!!)
  • Paulette will draft a memo to her Dean that we can send, asking about what kind of tech support COLA is planning to offer adjuncts; the response will help us. When AAUP asks a question, the feeling is that someone is watching.
  • Will we use the 11th week in a different way, e.g. add another week for courses?
  • Lecture contracts: as of this AY, after 3 years of consecutive contracts, Lecturer will get a two-year contract; after 5 years, will be eligible for three-year contract. We need to follow up on this – President Policano will send out an email and ask Lecturers to provide info about AY 2009-10 contract.
--Adjuncts = no pay raise in the past 7 or 8 years. When we do the survey, we need to ask “when’s the last time you got a pay raise?” and we need to get the info for each individual college!

Next meeting Friday October 16, Noon – 1PM, SAU-1500
Respectfully submitted, C. Monikowski

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 9/26/09, revised ______