DATE: October 23, 2009

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer
Call to order by President Policano

A large number of new faculty came to our meeting! President Policano introduced himself, summarized our work, what we do (AAUP since 1915); we’re an advocacy chapter not a union and we have a good relationship with the administration. Concerns were raised and discussed related to administrative actions that do not appear to abid by our shared governance principles. RIT is obviously on a fast track towards becoming a more research centric innovative Institution. The resulting increase in expectations for faculty seem to be being applied unevenly as this transition ensues.


  • Adjunct Pay Period Issue Corrected

All Adjunct Faculty will get a 3% pay raise. We appreciate President Destler's addressing our concern about the lack of inclusion of adjuncts in this years raises for employees earning under $35,000/year. RIT faculty were not included in either the 3% raises or $750 bonuses given to staff. This is the second year that RIT Faculty did not get raises. We would not like to see this continue next year.

  • University Policy Review and Development (UPRD) Activities

This is a very important process. That has a core committtee and sub-committees reviewing the entire RIT Policy & Proceedures manual. President Policano is a member of the sub-committee reviewing the P&P sections related to faculty. President Policano urges everyone to review all the changes being proposed when the time for community review of the committee recommendations.

The particular topic of the P&P E3.0 Oath of Allegiance was discussed. All employees upon hire essentially take this oath by acknowledging notification that they are subject to the RIT P&P Manual. The actual language from a June 10, 2008 faculty appointment letter was shared by one attendee after the meeting: It reads:

"This appointment is made in accordance with the university's policies and
procedures as set forth in the Institute Policies and Procedures Manual which
can be found at www.rit.edu/policies. The provisions of all university
policies and procedures, as they currently exist, are incorporated by reference
in this appointment letter. I urge you to take the time to read these policies."


  • Action Plan for FY 2009-10

This topic was tabled in order to work on the new Adjunct Faculty Survey


  • Five attendees continued working for an additional hour on reviewing and updating the new Adjunct Faculty Survey.


Next meeting 12-1PM Friday Nov 20th, 2009, SAU-1500
Respectfully submitted, T Policano

respectfully submitted T Policano,11/19/09, revised ______