DATE: January 15, 2010

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 12/18/09 ?

Guests from RIT’s Wallace Center
Orientation for adjunct faculty, week 9 (Thursday Feb. 11 or Saturday Feb. 13, depending on registration preferences). Adjuncts may register at http://wallacecenter.rit.edu/events/index.cfm

  • For all adjuncts, but especially those working in the spring
  • Website being established, with excellent resources (will be a great resource for all faculty); expects to be up and running by that 9th week

President Policano is working with the Wally Center and the Provost because we all want this to be a success! Need a brief meeting with the Provost, this coming week if possible:

  • more $$, stipends for adjuncts attending this opportunity (they’re already seriously underpaid)
  • adjunct only email list maintained by ISC – we want to contact as many as possible
  • contracts: make sure that all contracts go to HR (President Policano did some work on this a few years ago). Adjuncts work in multiple colleges – may be problematic

Email will go to all Chairs/Deans this week, informing them of this event and asking them to contact the adjuncts they have scheduled for spring 093. Then, there will be a mailing to ALL faculty so they know what’s going on and so they can also help spread the word.


University Policy Review and Development (UPRD) Activities
This effort continues to be exciting. President Policano is on the team that is reviewing the “E” (faculty) section, and they are re-organizing, clarifying language, collapsing the document. The review of this policy on word-by-word, paragraph process is exciting. Currently, there’s a “RIT scholar” classification – not sure if it’s employee, who’s been in it before, etc. Most Policy & Procedures handbooks are administration or union; we are working together to improve our entire community. Hopefully, the work this sub task force will be concluded by Marh 2010.

Classroom Space Issues
President Policano has not heard anything from the Space Task Force that reports to the Provost.

RIT Academic Calendar Options
AS voted on 1/14/10 and relatively short discussion – roll call vote on 3 items; approx 3 to 1 on every motion; not borderline votes, but clear votes for semester; mostly CAST and COE were against. RIT is already planning to spend $10 million to revamp the SIS system because it needs to be done. President Destler estimates $1 million per year for the transition (3 or 4 years). But what about labs? Classroom? Has anyone discussed the need for more space and more labs?

President Policano intends to talk to President Destler and Provost Haefner and discuss:

  • the concept of three “equal” semesters, perhaps 14/14/14 weeks rather than the more traditional 15/15/12 or 13; students could “fast track”;
  • faculty would teach 2 out of 3 – better utilization of facilities if we use the summer semeseter;
  • we have over 240 degrees – do we need that many? Consider reducing the number of degrees, increase concentrations, more multi-disciplinary opportunities.

Tenure Track Junior Faculty Expectations Contract
There is concern about what is being shared with tenure-track faculty, in terms of their expectations. They have generic contracts to sign. At mid-tenure review the expectations for tenure will be fixed (if anything changes you’re grandfathered in). However, many faculty have not had that mid-tenure review and they’re nervous signing the contracts; they were hired under the “old” system. Clarity is needed for these faculty.


Adjunct Survey II
Only ½ adjuncts have full-time jobs; 14% teach at 2 or more other institutions. All the info on the AAUP website.

We had planned to do the survey again, asking follow-up questions, but since so much time has passed, we should re-do the original survey and see what changes have occurred in the past few years. One reason we pushed for orientation for adjuncts is from the info we collected (e.g. no knowledge of tuition waivers, supplemental retirement plan, etc.). President Policano will get this out ASAP so we can use the results for the new Adjunct Orientation session, scheduled for the 9th week.

RIT Employment Category Information
On our website there is confusing info:

  • Extended part-time fac = 50% - 80%
  • Adjuncts = less than 50% annually
  • How it fits with NYS DOL

Employment Category Information should be specified in RIT Policies & Procedures manual because there’s already a definition of “faculty” in there; all info needs to “match” and be the same.

President Policano adjourned meeting @ 1PM

Next meeting Friday March 19, 2010 Gordon Field House 1500

respectfully submitted C. Monikowski, 1/18/10, revised ______