DATE: March 19, 2010

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 1/15/10 approved.

Update on Policy & Procedure Manual Reveiw
TPolicano. Progress on this committee is moving along well. The faculty policies sub-committee has been meetng weekly and will turn in its report by 4/15/10 to the Core committee. The faculty policies sub-committee may be alsed to continue next year to address P&P changes necissitated by the RIT decision to convert to semesters.

Adjunct Report
The first ever RIT Adjunct specific orientations were held this quarter and were well attended. The orientation included the introduction of an RIT Adjunct Portal  ( https://wiki.rit.edu/display/adjunct/Home ). This site is available to RIT faculty and requires DCE login. If you cannot get access to the site please contact Sara Cass <sarah.cass@rit.edu>. Feedback was very positive from those Adjunct attending.

President's Climate Report
It was noted that the link to the report on our site was broken. It has been fixed, The report can be viewed at: http://aaup.rit.edu/documents/RIT_2009_Presidents_ClimateStudy.pdf

Coalition on the Academic Workforce
SArmengot reported on that the MLA (Modern Language Association) has signed onto support the report report of the Coalition on the Academic Workforce. The Coalition on the Academic Workforce is actively trying to improve the working conditions of both adjunct and full-time faculty.

At the AAUP Leadership Training discussed below, Pat Shaw was asked about what would be involved in organizing adjuncts at private institutions. His reply was that it would not be easy because it is still not clear how Yeshiva applies to adjunct faculty. He did not seem enthusiastic about pursuing the matter because it would be very involved and time consuming. However, that does not rule out the possibility.

Our understanding Yeshiva is that adjuncts are not considered part of governance (management) and therefore are exempt from the ruling. No matter how hard it is for adjuncts to organize it should still be attempted.

Discussion ensued and the question was asked if RIT Lecturers have been granted the right to vote on RIT governance issues? This question and the possibility of Lecturer and Adjunct representation on Academic Senate will be followed up upon.

It was decided to go forward with facilitating another Adjunct Faculty Meeting in the Fall concurrent with the announcement of our Adjunct Survey follow up to the RIT Adjunct Survey our chapter conducted in April 2008

It was agreed to also hold a RIT Faculty/Adjunct social at MacGregor's on April 30, 2010 from 4-6PM.

AAUP Leadership Training Report
JBaker received an award to cover most of his expenses to attend this training held in Washington DC. He will prepare a writen repord as adendum to these minutes on his experience.

It was noted that AAUP will be voting at the National Meeting this year in June in Washington DC on an AAUP Dues Reform Proposal to make AAUP dues more affordable to faculty.

Other New Business
JAumer reported that COS is having difficulty going forward to semester revisions of curriculum without having guidelines for integrating our new RIT Gen Ed expectations.

TPolicano sharred that the Provost has determined that the academic schedule for RIT Semesters will be based on MWF 1 hours time blocks and TR 1.5 hour time blocks.

An issue was presented again about the discrepencies among colleges related to Adjunct salaries. It was noted that the same adjunct faculty was paid $2,200 for a 3 credit Survey course in CIAS and $2431 for a 4 credit course in COLA. COLA appears to have the lowest Adjunct salary rate at RIT while COB has the highest. Related to this discussion it was shared that an Adjunct Faculty in CIAS is being paid for a single 3 credit course while actually teaching teaching 2 sections at the same time resulting in a total of 24 stuents in this study course at the same time. So while no additonal prep is required, the real issue may lie in the number of students exceeding the maximum CIAS studio course student enrollment.

It was suggested that faculty participate in the Library Focus Group discussions related to developing the New Design for the Wallace Center.

Note the JBaker is running for Member at LArge of the NYS AAUP Conference. The election will be held at the NYS AAUP Conference Spring 2010 to be held at PSC in NYC April 16-17th.

Note that we will discuss our summer meeting schedule at the next meeting. RIT AAUP Officer elections will be held this fall.

President Policano adjourned meeting @ 1:30 PM

Next meeting Friday April 16, 2010 in 07A-A311

respectfully submitted TPolicano, 3/30/10, revised ______