DATE: May 14, 2010

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano

Update on Academic Senate
Objective – begin list for charges for AS for next year; this past AY year, our charges really had an impact on the AS work.

  • Lecturer ranks passed, although discussion still open on governance (representation on AS, voting rights, etc).
  • Tom Cornell explained the issue to members of AS: people have different responsibilities (TT have more); job titles have specifications for how the faculty member is to involved (Lecturers = no service; Senior Lecturers = service expected to department and college; Principal Lecturers = department, college, institute); RIT should specify voting privileges related to job title, making it simple for all levels.
  • Some of the language is still not clear: “change to full-time faculty” – which excluded adjuncts. However, let’s get the Lecturer issues established firmly first, then we can address the issues of the Adjuncts re representation in AS. Maybe we can establish representation, but not voting rights, perhaps as a rep from a college? Perhaps we can have a caucus?
  • Tenure-track faculty have not thought through the consequences of having faculty who are not tenure-track; departments and/or colleges do not have any rules for balancing the density of positions. Data differs – 51% to 75% of faculty are tenured. In some departments, if this is not addressed, Lecturers will be the majority.
  • The EDF position discussion was tabled.
  • Allowed “may” again not “will” re the two/three year contracts for Lecturers. Provost Haefner said it puts us in a fiscal corner; for now, give up “will”, but if after 5 years if you qualify you will get a 3year contract. Administration did not

We want to give up the “may”. As one moves through the ranks, one’s service increases but has teaching load been addressed? When tenure-track faculty are hired, there is a distribution of responsibilities. it’s always distributed. When Lecturers come in they primarily do teaching and then increase service; this is not equal; will there be a change?

For next year’s AS (AY2010-11, President Policano is making a list of topics:

  • Governance and representation for Lecturers
  • Recommend a policy for tenure density/saturation @ RIT on the institute, college, and department level
  • Teaching loads – Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Principal Lecturers…especially as teaching load relates to larger class sizes/higher enrollment  
  • FEAD grants for Principal Lecturers? Faculty exchanges (in light of the change to semesters?)
  • Professional Development resources for attending conferences for Principal Lecturers?
  • Adjunct issues to be discussed university-wide: pay equity among colleges and benchmark salaries (the P&P manual says we have ranks), as well as terminal degree and/or experience, and graduate/undergraduate courses
  • Seniority for non-tenure track faculty – review (discontinuation of program) exigency policy for RIT in light of new titles of lecturers
  • Proposal for University Professor – tabled (not enough time but it will come back next year).

For our AAUP chapter??
We should do the Adjunct survey again in the fall but what about Lecturers?

  • We can use some of the same questions, some different
  • Maybe we can alternate years – lecturers one year, adjuncts the next? We could do the lecturer survey next year, after the ranks are implemented.

Should we continue with a position of Communications Officer?

President Policano has been asked to be on RIT’s Grievance Committee and the Faculty Affairs committee; the task force on P&P has finished its work. All of that work and the recommendation from that work will be reviewed by Faculty Affairs before becoming policy.

ADD to agenda for next meeting:

  • program review and discontinuance as part of the conversion to semesters; announce this so faculty can attend next meeting if they want/need to talk.

June 18, 2-3:30PM30  SAU 2740
July 9, 1-2:30PM
August 6, 1-2:30PM

President Policano adjourned meeting @ 1PM

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