DATE: June 18, 2010

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski
Call to order by President Policano
Minutes of 5/14/10

2. MINUTES 5/14/10

  • Update on Policy & Procedure Manual Review
    • Core committee is working over the summer; any changes will go through AS, although anything related to faculty will first go to Faculty Affairs.
    • see link (above) for specific categories and latest updates; AS discussed this at great length this past AY (meeting weekly) but the topic was table until the fall; President Policano is concerned; first category of Lecturer will receive one-year renewable contracts
    • We need to inform the Provost that there isn’t any “compliance” for contracts this year…clarify with him first, then maybe an email to everyone? President Policano will schedule a meeting with the Provost.
    • Adjunct question – how many courses are adjuncts allowed to teach per year? Is there any specific policy on this – definition of workload, ranks, etc. for adjuncts?
    • Finalize Chapter's suggested charges for RIT Academic Senate Standing Committees (see draft list in MINUTES 5/14/10)<http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup/minutes/minutes_100514.htm>  )
  • Program Review and Discontinuance during Semester Conversion
  • Report on Separating Adjunct Fact from Fiction.
  • Classroom space – perpetual issue! What will happen with transition to semesters?
  • Reports – can we get a mechanism to make sure committee reports are submitted into the DML for all committees? We cannot find reports from all…
  • Jeffrey Baker and President Policano presented at the AAUP Conference, The State of Higher Education, Washington DC 6/9/10
    • AAUP is more interested in adjunct issues. Also, AFT and NEA and AAUP are planning a survey because data is seriously outdated, if available at all. This nationwide survey would help all of us know about benefits, pay rates, etc.
    • The big buzz is unemployment compensation; NY does not recognize adjunct faculty for this benefit, California does. However, all adjuncts are encouraged to apply for this, even if they are turned down because some individuals seem to be approved.


AAUP actions for next year??

  • Communications officer?
  • Election in September for all offices – anyone interested in running?
  • Membership – national AAUP dues; we should publicize that: under $30 – 45, graduated dues; 80% of all faculty earn less than $60K; membership drive in September? National numbers say we have 19 members here at RIT but 20+ last year; President Policano reports 23.
  • Homepage – adjunct portal is open and does not need password, a link from homepage
  • Orientation for RIT new faculty – August 26&27 – Secretary Monikowski will contact Lynn Wild and request some time and/or a table to introduce new faculty to our chapter, contact national for flyers/literature.
  • Jeffrey will contact Sara Cass and volunteer to promote our chapter at the orientation for new adjunct faculty

July 9, 1-2:30PM  SAU-2740
August 6, 1-2:30PM  SAU-2740

Meeting times for AY 2010-11:
Sept 17 – social – we will discuss next time
Oct 15
Nov 12 – last week of class
Dec 10 – penultimate, before vacation
Jan 21
Feb 18 – last week of class
March 18
April 15
May 13


President Policano adjourned meeting 3:30 @ PM

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