October 15, 2010 – WML, 1470, Noon to 1PM

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, C. Monikowski

CALL TO ORDER           

MINUTES last meeting – none, social @ MacGregor’s


Recent Academic Senate meeting:
PDF of recent analysis of salaries (by VP Naud) will be put on our website; this was reported on by Provost Haefner at recent AS meeting. It was quite clear that this info was “surprising” to the Provost and RIT President; we are well below the 50th percentile in every category.

Membership initiatives:
President Policano checked and all 3 email distribution lists are “up to date” (non-tenure-track, tenure, adjunct). He will contact national AAUP for current info re the membership for our chapter, to be used for our upcoming election of officers. RIT has approximately 1500 faculty (tenure/non-tenure track) and our chapter has approximately 25 members.

Update re “unemployment compensation:
U.S. Dept. of Labor sees us as a union. Contingent faculty here could unionize, not others (seen as managers).

Adjunct survey (Coalition on National Workforce):
AAUP, AFT, and other major entities involved in the “contingent academic work force” survey; 10,000 responses the first week.

State conference @ Sienna College next weekend – President Policano and one adjunct will attend.

Faculty social @ MacGregor’s last month:
Fairly robust – more so than usual
The “new” faculty who attended were sent a packet of info as a follow-up.



Academic Faculty Affairs activities:
President Policano is on this committee which meets weekly (1 – 2 hours) and is reviewing the P&P manual. Provost went to this past meeting.
Some things on the table:

  • Oath of Office policy: name changing from Pledge of Allegiance and eliminated those who are not citizens; required when hired because of state law (if you receive a tax exemption), which is a privilege so we have to take the Oath.
  • Definition of “faculty”: RIT administration wanted a separate policy defining “faculty” at RIT; President Policano met with Provost; we have the P&P – do we need a separate policy?  Provost agreed that this is not necessary and may add info in E4; Provost did not want to define “administrative faculty” position; having a separate definition would exclude them from the calculations for faculty salaries. Administrators have LOAs from their specific departments; they will be included in the calculations that RIT presents…which is not the way national AAUP does the calculations.
  • University Professor – AS and Provost turned this new rank down because it is not a rank, but rather an award; this means it can be limited and not available for anyone. Portfolios will need to be submitted for consideration, but it will now be much more selective. The California University system uses this label for faculty to “rise above” specific colleges/locations and work at different institutions within the system.
  • Faculty transition/retirement options: Barbara Moss is the new head of HR. RIT needs a way to incentivize tenured faculty to move into a different relationship with the university; President Policano has talked with Provost several times about this and there will be another meeting with HR and Provost on November 8, because RIT is now interested.
    • Optional 3-2-1 year renewable contracts which gives a faculty member an extra 6 years, renewable for X years; this could be for scholarship, service, whatever a department needs. This would/could be in addition to the current three-year transition; salaries would be negotiable.
  • Policy on promotion to full Professor: Some colleges had department-based committees, rather than college-based; this will change and all promotion committees will be college-based. In addition, letters of support from peers in the department will be included throughout the entire process so the Provost will see that info. This needs to be the same for the tenure process.

Review of charges submitted to AS:
We need to look at the process; which of our recommendations are included for this year?

  • FEAD grants – are they available for all?
  • Adjunct pay university wide – will review criteria for promotion/rank
  • Representation for adjuncts is not one of the charges but AS will be addressing the issue for Lecturers

Robert Manning’s lawsuit against RIT
Court date – August 24; as of yesterday (1014/10), no info.


Next meeting Friday November 12, 2010
Noon – 1PM
SAU A640/A650

President Policano adjourned the meeting @ 1PM

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