October 15, 2010 – SAUA650, Noon to 1PM

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski,

CALL TO ORDER           

Our chapter elections – 7 members voted so far

RIT faculty need to consider unionizing (topic from the floor)
In the early 90s, faculty were unhappy and the “U word” and it had some excellent consequences from the administration (more tenure-track positions).

  • RIT is slowly but surely reducing the number/percentage of tenure-track positions; they currently have a goal of 50/50 but this is an arbitrary number; we need some policies around these numbers
  • U of Colorado/Boulder is changing positions from Lecture to tenure-track and it is changing the way business is done at the university; there is a nationwide “erosion of tenure”. President Policano has recommended that AS adopt this as one of its charges.
  • Word on the street….RIT hired only 9 tenure-track faculty this past fall.

Several interesting meetings in the offing (we may get involved):

  • There will be a meeting (probably the end of finals week) for CIAS lecturers, adjuncts, and 2/3 faculty (who receive benefits). President Policano offered to participate, if it would be helpful/appropriate.
  • COLA faculty want a clearer policy on the new Senior Lecturer position; for example, there are no guidelines about “service”; also, COLA lecturers are facing the issue of the right to vote on curriculum issues. The thinking is, if one is qualified to teach then one should be involved in curriculum development and decisions. Currently, this is an internal issue…but there will be a meeting in December to discuss this. President Policano offered to participate, if it would be helpful/appropriate.
  • Perhaps CIAS and COLA should talk to each other about these issues. We should have an institute level meeting and share agendas.


The national adjunct survey (Coalition on National Workforce) continues; it will close at the end of November. There are 20K responses to date.

Benchmark – no info from the Provost or AS

Brief discussion on the charges given to AS and whether they must only do what they were assigned; they can do more.

Faculty affairs is very busy addressing the P&P, reviewing and updating every policy at ongoing meetings. One of the major issues continues to be whether tenure committees should be department- or college-based.

VP Naud continues to be involved in a grievance process.

President Policano adjourned the meeting @ 1PM

Next meeting Friday December 10, 2010
Noon – 1PM
SAU A640/A650

Respectfully submitted, C. Monikowski

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