March 18, 2011 – SAUA650, Noon to 1PM

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski
In addition – a few other RIT faculty members (non-tenure-track)

Approval of the Minutes 2/18/11

Planning meeting for early-April meeting of contingent/non-tenure track faculty and Provost:

  • talked about expanding the points for discussion a bit more – will meet this afternoon to discuss revisions and planning; one person needs to be the “talking rep” and others need to understand our script.
  • Charlie Clark from MCC came to give pointers – from his experience; he cautioned that if we’re “part of government” we may not be able to unionize (although representation on AS is not “management”); his point, the more you become like a tenure-track faculty, the harder it is to defend that you are not.
  • Charlie Clark also said you have to give the Provost/Institute the opportunity. Let the B2 representation issue (below) be a litmus test; hopefully a good dialogue will take place.
  • be specific about what you want rather than too general.
  • seems that we have at least one rep from each college who wants to attend the meeting – great! Memo needs to be sent to update them and keep them involved.
  • The Provost is excited about meeting with this group and the sooner we can give him this info/input the better…ahead of the meeting; at this point, he has not formulated policies for non-tenure-track faculty so our input is important. The new COLA Dean (Jamie Winebrake) recently had a faculty meeting and seems to be supportive of contingent faculty.

Academic Faculty Affairs Activities

The first meeting of the quarter (this past Wednesday) was not very well attended, but the work continues. E4 (release time, maternity leave, etc.) will come before the AS, probably at the next meeting.

B2 - Charter of Academic Governance
B2 is “somewhat tabled” by AS Executive Committee and Provost; Vivian Gifford (AS Office Staff Assistant) will disseminate this info; B2 discusses the right to vote for non-tenure-track faculty without distinction and without fractionalizing – all lecturers are a headcount not a percentage. We know this will be a problem and will not pass; ratio is 7 tenure-track to 2 non-tenure-track to 4 adjunct. Some colleges don’t have this so tenure-track faculty will not be the majority (CIAS and COLA). They and the Institute are concerned about turning over the locus of control to non-tenure-track faculty. President Policano is beginning to talk about the “republic” approach; every college is allowed the minimum of 2 representatives and then, for every fraction of headcount over 30, one additional representative is designated (e.g. 60 faculty = 4 reps; 2 for first 30, 1 for next 30, 1 for the 1). President Policano wants to recommend open election – anyone can run – given the following wording: “The number of non-tenure-track senators from any given college shall not exceed the number of representatives who are tenured.” This will allay the concerns (i.e. COLA) because if this is policy, then policy will be followed.

Misperception continues: RIT AAUP is not a union!!
Perception is that we are; many faculty are not familiar with national AAUP. We could do a membership drive. Tenured and tenure-track faculty can’t be a union. If the non-tenure-track faculty want to be a union, they need to look towards a national organization for that; if not, they will not have any legal protection.

Other things…
Success of conversion to semester will depend on the happiness of lecturers and adjuncts. They will become immensely more important to the survival/retention of first year students, especially in COLA but also in other colleges; for every student “lost”, RIT loses $40K.

April 14, 2011: 8:30AM, Gosnell room 3000 (not sure if this room is correct), Professor Manning’s formal hearing; this is open to all members of the RIT community. Can we inform all faculty in the college of business? This formal hearing will review the responsibilities of the original grievance committee.

Policy C2, 3.0 conduct on scholarship needs to be revised. VP Naud is involved in the committee now and recognizes the need to revise this.

President Policano adjourned the meeting @ 1PM

Next meeting Friday April 22, 2011
Noon – 1PM
Campus Center SAU 1010/1015


respectfully submitted CMonokowski, 1/30/11, revised___