RIT AAUPMay 13, 2011 : – SAU A640/650

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski

Approval of the Minutes 4/22/11

E4 (faculty employment policies) passed in AS.

  • involvement of faculty in NTT hires, which have been strictly administrative; the new policy addresses every category and explains expectation for involving faculty in the process for each (lecturers, visiting faculty, etc.; there is now an policy for involving faculty in the process

E6 (promotion/rank guidelines) will come up next week

  • the Provost is aware of the proposal of categories for ranks re adjuncts and has been asked to review this; also AS has been asked to re-define “emeritus” (see Update 5/13/11)
  • Tenured full and associate professors (because now you cannot be tenured without becoming Associate) who retire in good standing or who continue to teach may be referred to as emeritus; this will be non-tenure track and will be a renewable contract; individuals may retain office space, etc. The point of this is to open up tenure-track positions for newer/younger faculty.
  • University Professor is almost done.

Non-Tenure Track - Provost Meeting Report

  • One negative – Provost said he agreed with a “majority of the talking points”; we didn’t ask him “which ones”. Let’s clarify that and move on.
  • Some disappointment re Provost’s view of adjuncts, although we knew he wasn’t going to support “promotion”; there is a provision in E6 for “promotion” (although it will be called ranks). The amount of change we’ve seen in the past few years is remarkable compared to prior so we’re moving in the right direction. And it seems that the Provost is not willing to discuss raises for adjuncts until we change to semesters.
  • Commitment from Provost to continue quarterly meetings – important that he is going to do this. The only thing we have for helping anyone do anything is our Policies&Procedures.
  • One comment about Provost’s “we look at other universitites”: if RIT is the “innovation university”, why can’t we take the lead and let others look to us with regard to adjuncts?

RIT Policies&Procedures – how do faculty know about this document?
President Policano suggests digital media library DML (just told AS to have names of senators in minutes). Policies are passed but we don’t know who voted; currently, DML has all minutes from AS and agendas, but there is a question whether documents are linked to agenda? Policies approved get posted to DML.

RIT Budget
Raise for adjuncts for this year? Provost said not this year but he is currently working on the budget. Finance committee hasn’t made a report yet; we should ask – let him know that people are paying attention.

Policy B2 - Charter of Academic Governance
Will not happen this year; President Policano met with staff to talk about votes – they’re fine with losing their vote and support NTT getting the vote; someone else is meeting with students. They’re fine because what happens at AS doesn’t really impact staff – so they understand.

What happened with University Professor? It will be an award (with 9 pages of how it will work); it will be difficult, but includes $5K award and a budget and a parking pass and a commitment to do at least one year of institute level “something”. Keep the title for life, but not doing the job for life; none of that budget impacts the department, etc. Restricted to maximum of one per year.


Academic Faculty Affairs Activities
Our AAUP needs to consider requests for next year’s standing committees (for our June agenda?)

Will there be any NTT meetings in June and July?

Our AAUP will have elections in September

Summer Meeting Schedule
Thursday June 23, 2PM
Thursday July 14, 2PM
Thursday August 25, 2PM

Next meeting Thursday June 23, 2011, room TBA

Respectfully submitted,

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