July 14, 2011 – 7A-A321
Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski


Academic Senate Standing Committees
An email with our suggestions for charges for the upcoming Academic Senate Standing Committees were sent out to the RIT community; one change – suggestion #7 relates to ranks not salaries. President Policano made the change.

Provost’s info on NTT statistics – President Policano has email from Provost (his response re the email, above).

  • We need to compile all the statistics being discussed – from our NTT meeting with the Provost, etc. to make sure they are the same.
  • Can we share the info in his email with everyone?
  • One area of concern: there is an increase of adjuncts over the past 3 years: 360 to 495. Is this number accurate?
    • 492 Adjunct faculty AY 2010-11
    • 331 Adjunct faculty AY 2007-08
      • From data on our webpage, retrieved July 18, 2011: http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup/documents/rit_faculty_statistics.htm

This is the only suggestion the Provost addressed. If there’s nothing else to add, President Policano will finalize these and send the document along to the Academic Senate for the upcoming AY.

Faculty Affairs
There was supposed to be a meeting over the summer but nothing yet (re B6 – policy on academic governance).


New Faculty Orientation
Thursday August 25, 1:10 to 2:20 in the Idea Factory (Wallace Center); Susan DeWoody has contacted us and we will have a table again. C.Monikowski needs to check on brochures, banner, etc. RIT will have approximately 70 new faculty. Our next AAUP meeting is that same day, at 2PM; we’ll meet there!! In addition, there is an orientation for graduate students/assistants some time that week; we’ll have a sign up sheet and make an effort to “buddy up” with them, introducing them to our chapter.

NTT Issues
This did not happen last year, although our AAUP did make an effort; we were trying to collaborate with the Provost’s office. This needs to happen this fall. We will do 2 surveys: for the lecturers and for the adjuncts (different issues to be addressed). We will run them by the Provost for his input, to see if he would like to include any issues. We do hope the Provost is interested in working with us on this, but we will not wait for RIT. Last time we had a 45% response rate from those adjuncts who knew about it and it was estimated that 10% of adjuncts were not aware of the opportunity to participate (perhaps because of email issues). It is our survey and we need to make it happen.

  • Include a question about whether adjuncts use food stamps because they are so poorly paid? (this is an issue across the country)
  • Include something about asking if there’s any interest in unionizing? The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and AAUP have been working together lately. And, everyone is still waiting for the results of the national survey, although we cannot wait for this info.
  • We need to validate the emails before we send out this survey; President Policano will check on the distribution list for accuracy.

NTT group hasn’t met this summer; the Provost did agree to “quarterly” meetings with this group so this should begin again in the new AY. Campus Equity week is in the fall; do we want to participate? Maybe we can offer a panel with faculty from those who have been spotlighted in the “NTT@RIT” newsletter; we should use that PR and bring those people together. We should also ask the Reporter (they did something 3 years ago) – tell them we’re doing a survey this fall and see if they want to do a follow-up:

  • Jeffrey Baker
  • Scott Bellinger
  • Xanthe Matychak
  • Gail Hosking
  • Giuseppe (Joe) Larizza
  • Jennifer Wolfley
  • Who else??

Hearing for Manning
An update on Professor Manning’s status was requested; as indicated in last month’s minutes (see minutes 6/23/11), President Destler supported the decision to terminate. It has been reported that 2 faculty retired early from Saunders College of Business and that one new tenure-track faculty left after one year at RIT. There is also talk that applications to the college are down. The college will go through accreditation in the next two years; perhaps other issues will arise during that process.

Next meeting Thursday August 25, 2PM @ the Idea Factory, Wallace Center

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