RIT AAUP <http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup>
Thursday September 16th, 2011

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer, C. Monikowski

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Non-tenure track survey update – some time this fall!
Coalition on Academic Workforce had 30K responses and they’re still tabulating the 30page survey
President Policano will call a special meeting for the RIT Contingent faculty; we don’t want to wait too long to do this.

New faculty orientation report
We had a table at the New Faculty Resource Fair on August 23; approximately 40 new RIT faculty participated. It was nice to hear from Lecturers – they knew about the promotion system and had positive comments about it.

FY 2011-12 meeting schedule is on our homepage – mostly 3rd Friday of the month
Social? Will happen next meeting, Friday October 21 @ TC Riley’s; Secretary Monikowski will reserve a room; time = 4-6PM.



RIT Academic Senate Standing Committee charges
Faculty Affairs committee is meeting 2 hours per week, the entire AY, reviewing many policies. This year will discuss the 2 Lecture representatives.

History: AS has all faculty represented through their individual colleges; to date, Lecturers have not been included in the voting process and are not able to hold a seat. Campus issues re voting: some members of the AS Executive Committee expressed concerns that if Lecturers get the vote at the Institute level, then it will filter down to their departments. The “fear factor” – some departments/colleges have a predominance of Lecturers who would outnumber the TT (see our website, history, faculty statistics). However, there are no colleges where that is the issue (although it may be true in a department). Most important – 2 official seats for Lecturers; these will be Senior and Principal Lecturers, which means including service to the Institute, and they will be elected by Lecturers across the university. Issues – RIT’s AS is unusual because we have Deans, Director of Academic Affairs, Provost, Director of Library, Pres of NSC…all have votes!. The new charter will take away the vote from these positions – an interesting re-organization and a difficult discussion. We’ve already met with those groups and they have agreed to withdraw their vote, although they will still participate. We will change the flavor of AS. Lecturers will have a “place at the table” and will be allowed to speak before a vote on every issue brought forward in AS.

Also at a meeting with the Provost last year, he expressed concern about RIT building something “unusual”, however there is data from several years ago that this is not uncommon. He will want to see that research this year.

Student Affairs Committee
Mary Beth Cooper (VP Student Affairs) offered to work with AS Executive Committee to develop charges, so this committee’s work would actually be valuable to the students. Treasurer Aumer should contact MB and offer to be involved in the drafting.


University of Rochester/RIT NIH Pathfinder grant
This grant focuses on mentoring: faculty and under-represented grad students or junior faculty. They are here to ask our help in recruiting; Chance Glenn has agreed to recruit grad students, and Susan Foster helped them with the IRB process, but is not recruiting for them. Secretary Monikowski volunteered to investigate, see who’s doing what, check with the Provost re our new RIT Faculty Mentoring program…to see what an appropriate recruiting process would be.

Contingent faculty
COLA – adjunct faculty in introductory modern language courses (9 different languages) have concerns about converting to semester; they will teach 4-credit courses (rather than the more typical 3-credit), meeting 4 days per week. This means an individual will have to commute 4 days a week for 15 weeks instead of 2 days a week for 10 weeks. Will salaries address this?

Our AAUP POW for AY 2011-12
Anything we want to bring forward?

  • Increase our membership
  • VP Naud will retire from RIT the end of this quarter (November)
    • President tends to focus on policies and VP on people (grievances, etc.)
  • Elections during winter quarter

Treasurer’s report
Our CD was renewed on June 11, 2011; will come due December 11, 2011

Next meeting Friday October 21 at TC Riley’s (Park Point) 4-6PM

respectfully submitted 9/26/11 by C. Monikowski