December 16, 2011

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer, P. Swartzfager



RIT Policy B.2.0 Governance Update: B2 has made it to the floor of Academic Senate. The presentation went well. The administration has offered to consider the recommendation to have all faculty associated with a college. This would resolve representation for the few faculty such as those in GIS who are not already a part of a college. The issue of adding two non-voting lecturers elected by the lecturers as a whole as members of Academic Senate led to the recommendation that additional current AS members become non-voting including: the two academic deans, one vice-president, chair of Staff Council, president of SG. The biggest issue not resolved is the voting status of non-tenure track faculty at the Institue, college and department level. The Provost would like university wide policy that is the same for all colleges. More meetings of Faculty Affairs with the provost and the AS Executive Committee are planned.


J Baker: Coalition on Academic Workforce had 30K responses and they’re still tabulating the 30page survey



Non-tenure track survey update – the survey standing committee (J. Baker, A. Miokovic, E. D'Amanda) are working on the survey. J. Baker will focus on updating our last survey. T. Policano asked that the survey also cover the questions asked in the Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey of Contingent Faculty Members and Instructors. It was agreed to separate the survey into separate versions for lecturers and adjunct faculty.

RIT AAUP Officer Nominations – Jean-Guy Naud has retired from RIT. The RIT AAUP Chapter will sorely miss his leadership as vice-president. Jean-Guy has been an active member of the RIT Chapter of AAUP for a very long time. The chapter members chipped in for a thank you gift.

Treasurer Jim Aumer will be retiring at the end of this academic year. Jim’s stepping down will be another huge loss for the chapter.

Christine Monokowski will also be stepping down as chapter secretary due to workload and conflicts with meeting times. Chris has done a super terrific job since coming on board and helping us with the minuets. Her service to the chapter will be sorely missed.

Finally J Baker one of our most active NTT faculty will be leaving RIT at the end of this year after serving as Adjunct faculty here for 15 years. Jeffrey has been one of our most dedicated RIT AAUP members. Jeff has also attended several NYS AAUP Conference meetings and several National AAUP Annual meetings in Washington DC.

We are fortunate that two new RIT Faculty have stepped forward willing to run for office. We are very excited to have them on board and look forward to their leadership in our chapter. We hope that other faculty at RIT will recognize the efforts of our chapter and step forward and join us in our efforts to voice the concerns and resolve issues of the faculty of RIT.

Semester course load discussion for lecturers, adjuncts, and others – The following guideline is posted on the RIT website (http://www.rit.edu/~w-conver/facstaff_teaching.php}:

We expect that after conversion, most tenured and tenure-track faculty will see a reduction in the number of courses they teach in a given year. To realize this reduction, however, it will be necessary for the faculty to redesign the programs so that the curriculum can be taught within the current staffing levels. In general:

  1. Tenured or tenure-track faculty will typically teach 4-7 courses a year, but there will be exceptions.
    1. Lecturers will typically teach 8-10 courses a year, depending on service assignments within the department.

Several concerns have been raised at our meetings regarding this expectation. The issue of the increased number of visits to campus per week for adjunct faculty and pay equity have not been adequately addressed for various NTT faculty.

 Other: It was pointed out that On-line teaching policies are needed.

What happened to the foreign language requirement in the new RIT in Gen Ed  requirements that was part of the Robert Clark Gen Ed White Paper Report?

Jim Aumer was given approval to renew the RIT Chapter CD at 0,75%.

respectfully submitted by T. Policano