DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, January 20th, 2012

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer, Jean-Guy Naud
2. Minutes 12/16/11 were approved.
3. OLD Business
          * RIT Policy B.2.0 Governance Update
Tom reported on meetings of the Senate Faculty Affairs committee with the Provost and with the Executive Committee, as well as the many others meetings to develop language that would address sec B2. A copy of the current draft was discussed at length since it is on the agenda for the coming Senate meeting  JANUARY 26, 2012: 12:05 - 1:50 p.m. CAMPUS CENTER/BAMBOO ROOM/2610. Tom encouraged everyone who is affected by this policy to attend. Individuals can speak up once recognized by the Senate Chair. In the past, being recognized has not been a problem.  He also noted that Standing Committees (like the Faculty Affairs committee) are open meetings.

The areas we discussed are the 4 proposals on the agenda for approval at the Senate meeting, then if approved sent to the Tenure Track faculty of the Institute for 2/3 vote to be accepted:
2.2 All faculty except the president, provost and vice presidents holding professorial appointments at the university level shall have a college appointment.

2.3  The voting members of the faculty at the university level are the tenure-track faculty and principal lecturers.   Tenure-track faculty, senior lecturers, and principal lecturers are the voting faculty at the department and college level on matters related to the responsibilities designated in their rank and not beyond.

5.1.8(Composition of the Senate) :
5.1.8 Two senior or principal lecturers at large elected by all lectures (non-voting).

The 4th proposal: Tom?

It was also noted that the Executive committee of the Senate has indicated a desire to have a statement of principle regarding shared governance and voting across the Institute. There is a draft of a letter presented to the Faculty Affairs committee by the Executive Committee, but it has neither been voted on by the Senate nor has reached the stage of a proposal to the Senate. 

Questions raised about these proposals, especialy related to voting and representation included:

  • What about the fact that I now vote in my department and college for Senate Reps? Will I no longer have direct representation? Tom indicated that this is the reason for the nonvoting senior or principal lecturers positions on the Senate (5.1.8).
  • Who decides in the department and colleges onon matters related to the responsibilities designated in their rank and not beyond.”  Tom pointed out that this is consistent with current policy (for example voting on hiring or promotion is usually related to one’s rank in relationship to the rank of the candidate or position, requirements for composition of certain standing committees, etc. These are already defined in charter documents). The point of this phrase is to not prohibit voting per se across the Institute, since a number of colleges and departments already allow voting. It was also pointed out that other universities have similar policies, and these are transparent, sometimes in collective bargaining agreements that have been vetted for legal issues.
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty Survey

A new survey for NTT faculty has been drafted, since the last one was done in 2008. There will be some common items in the survey, but there will also be a set of questions related specifically to adjunct (part-time) positions, and another set for Lecturer (full time) positions.  We hoe to have the survey ready and online by early Spring Quarter.

We decided on a working meeting for Fri, Feb 3 at 1pm (location tba) to finalize the drafts. A notice will be sent out to all contingent faculty at RIT inviting them to participate in the editing and refining of the survey questions. Also, they will be invited to request a pre-meeting copy to review before the meeting.

4. NEW Business

  • RIT AAUP Officer Elections, Tom called for another person to serve as an AAUP Officer since there is still one position that no one has offered to run for office. We need to hold these elections soon.
  • RIT Policy E.6.0 Faculty Rank and Promotion: Clarification and some discussion on this process in colleges and departments.
  • NTT faculty meeting: After results from a survey are in, we hope to have either a general meeting for NTT faculty, or a series of meetings/focus groups.


The NEXT AAUP general meeting will be February 17th, 2012  SAU CCL 2650.

respectfully submitted by Paulette Swartzfager