DATE:  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Friday April 20, 2012

Officers in attendance:  Tom Policano, Jack Beck, Aaron McGowan, Heidi Nickisher


    AAUP election results out; everyone won except for Gomez.  Really nice, would really like to see him in leadership, but whole new leadership thing… collective bargaining – maybe good, maybe not
    All happened in last 24 hours.  10 days for appeals/complaints.  T. Policano stated that he thinks AAUP under attack from anti-union organizations.  We’ve been labeled a union and Dept of Labor sees us under the rules and regulations on a federal level so a lot more attention paid to details of running elections.

    Maybe with new leadership at national level, can maybe avoid complaints.  Had to remove one of the candidates for this year’s election rather than reopen last year’s election, so we are now short leadership.

    But none of this really has anything to do with helping out colleagues!

  1. J. Beck, also CIAS Senator, began with B2 – some parts passed/some did not.  One that needs some clarification, who’s voting faculty, not really changed.  Wording stays as is.  Tenure/tenure track – what’s been left out is lecturers as voting members.  J. Beck voted to make the change, but if it stays the same, lecturers aren’t even addressed.  T. Policano remarked that the status is where it was before.
    Discussion about lecturers and voting within CIAS… 
    T. Policano reminded membership that per current RIT policy, lecturers don’t vote but also per that policy, don’t have “instructors” anymore – misleading language! 
    T. Policano added re B2 that all faculty have to be associated with a college, with Golisano as only exception.
    Do get to have two lecturers on Senate but they’re non-voting.  Per T. Policano, Faculty Affairs will start the process next year to get that changed to voting.  But no mechanism yet for holding an election of and for lecturers; we can, however, inform lecturers that there are two positions.
    Also due to new B2, adjuncts lost ranks; they were removed by Faculty Affairs.
    T. Policano tried to put the language back in on the floor of the Senate but no support. But President Policano still sees it as a step forward.  Executive Committee almost the same:  Heidi Miller is new Operations Officer; Charlotte Thoms, new Treasurer; Ram (S. Manian Ramkumaris) is new Vice Chair… don’t know yet about the demeanor of new executive committee.  T. Policano added that he didn’t know whether he was still on Faculty Affairs but thought he automatically gets another year.
    B2 vote will go out only to tenured/tenure-track faculty.
    Want to have town meeting before the vote but executive committee doesn’t think it’s necessary.  Needs to have vote pass by two-thirds.  At that point, can then call a meeting of lectures and explain.  Go for the positive things!

  2. Non tenure-track faculty survey: we agreed to it put on hold until B2 vote in Senate but still on hold because it has yet to go out for a vote among faculty.
    T. Policano has a meeting with the provost on 5/22/12.  He also asked that the minutes show that the AAUP is pretty upset about the decision to remove ranks for adjunct faculty that have been a part of policy for a very long time.  Now it’s “adjunct professor” – one title.
    Human Resources is not sufficiently organized to do all the paper work, yet the reason for doing this was to have it in print.  Instead, lost whole policy mandate; Human Resources said they “didn’t want to do it”; “too complicated”.
    It was pointed out that in E6, there was no lecturer on promotion committee, and E6 passed with nary a discussion in Senate except for promotion to full professor.
    A. McGowan asked if there were records kept of tenured/tenure-track voting?  T. Policano answered, saying that you need to have two-thirds of who votes at a meeting but the votes going to be electronic so don’t know what that means in terms of majority…
    A loophole with regard to collective bargaining:  at Senate meeting March 29th, Bob Barbato asked about his hiring of candidates without PhDs, and the provost said, “not through me”; “I’m the manager.  The answer just by-passed the Yeshiva decision!
    J. Beck asked if B2 doesn’t pass, is there way to get results?  T. Policano remarked that that information could be used to go back to Faculty Affairs.  Tim Engstrom voted against it in Senate; why? It’s either all or none.

  1. Re E24 grievance procedure, that policy is being discussed at Faculty Affairs right now; did have a grievance, which helped info policy discussion.  Need to write into policy the availability of access to a representative.  It used to be an advocate who’d come in at Grievance hearing level.  We’re introducing that at the beginning now so the person will have an informed member of the committee to help them understand policies/procedures and deadlines.
    The other big change is whether either representative can have a law degree?  Administration happy with how it’s stated now – “not a practicing lawyer”.  (Anne Howard, Ann McQuiller have law degrees, Rick Monowski, too.)
    Also, new procedure to enumerate all the documents that a griever needs to organize for preliminary hearing.  Policy states “your documents” but not defined. Griever’s précis to provost:  a summary.  Provost reviews and makes determination.  Has to do so in writing in 15 school days to that person; griever gets 30 days to decide if they want to go forward.  We’ve never gotten anyone to respond to provost’s denial.  We need that response! 
    J. Beck asked if there are many grievances outside promotion or tenure?  Curious about level/variety.
    T. Policano responded that sexual harassment could be a grievance.

  2. Spring social?  Next meeting at McGregor’s , 5/11, 12-2pm!

  3. NYS AAUP Conference Spring 2012 -- organization of all the chapters twice a year 5/4 and 5/5 at Adelphi University

  4. AAUP National Meeting June 2012 – meeting will take place in DC, includes trip to Capitol Hill (June 13th-17th).  J. Baker remarked that this year, there will be an open forum on contingent faculty issues

  5. (not on agenda)  A. McGowan successfully transferred account over to his name and we now have four checks that we can draw upon.  Web page at top of officers page, the year is wrong (2007-8?)  T. Policano to correct.

  6. J. Baker asked to talk about the minutes of last week.  Need to make some changes that have to do with adjunct rank and questions about it.


respectfully submitted by Heidi Nickisher