RIT AAUP <http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup>
DATE: 12:00PM - 2:00 PM Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Officers in attendance: Tom Policano, Aaron McGowan, Heidi Nickisher



1.  RIT AAUP Hosting NYS AAUP Conference Fall 2012, Oct 19-20, 2012 – What about having Al Simone as AAUP conf speaker?

Tom Policano turned over income $20 to chapter and bills for renewing domain names; is happy conference hosted on campus and that domain names redirect to campus site.  Confirmed RIT info on homepage – Provost and Senate page with blurb and link to site.  Jim Auer going to check at RIT Inn and Radisson for block of rooms for conference on 10/19.  Other suggestions for keynote speakers?
J. Auer mentioned hearing a nun at St. Johns in Queens who spoke about diversity and thought she was very good.  T. Policano would like to have her name for Spring thing.

Questions about state conference:  what are we doing about parking?  Go to kiosk for passes; will have to run this by Jeremy again.  Can we reach out to all local colleges and have some of their people here?  MCC, UR, Nazareth, Geneseo (per Jean-Guy Naud, they have 9 bargaining units).  Jeffrey Baker will handle it; T. Policano will send out email list and J-G Naud will help.  If there’s enough interest, maybe we could do a separate session.  T. Policano thinks “absolutely”.  Maybe come up with faculty handbooks?  A very important aspect of academic freedom at non-unionized campuses.  T. Policano remarked that he thinks this chapter has stuff to share:  website, minutes, list of accomplishments, that we even have a presence, and are invited to orientation.  Maybe we could have a caucus?  Should plan to do that!  J. Baker asked if he should invite some of the union leaders.  T. Policano replied about needing to have a meeting with “our” pres and will bring it up. 

Aaron McGowan asked why RIT does not have at least one faculty assembly per year?  You need everyone in the room discussing the issues.

2. Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges

3. Non-Tenure Track Faculty Survey – THE SURVEY!  T. Policano would really like to get the survey out.  Paulette has yet to send final draft, although some things still need to be reworded.   A good goal for us would be to get it out by the last week of September and through first week of October; let it run for 2 weeks, with a couple of reminders (9/24 – 10/5); our meeting on the 12th; conference beginning the 19th.


1. RIT New Faculty Orientation Resource Fair Presentation – We are re-registered for doing new faculty orientation for this year:  August 22nd, 12-2pm.

2. Academic Year Meeting Schedule – Meeting times for next year?  Fridays 12-1, 2nd Friday of the month.

respectfully submitted 8/18/12 by Heidi Nickisher