RIT AAUP <http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup>
DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, September 14th, 2012
LOCATION: SAU Alumni Room (1500)

Officers in attendance: Tom Policano, Aaron McGowan, Heidi Nickisher

Approval of the Minutes 8/9/12

RIT AAUP Hosting NYS AAUP Conference Fall 2012, Oct 19-20, 2012.  President Emeritus Albert Simone to be Keynote Speaker.  President Policano went to Canandaigua to meet with him about being keynote speaker.  Al has always been about community and would be an interesting and dynamic speaker.  Now retired.  Conference is also Brick City weekend!! Disadvantage in that it’s hard to find a room of the right caliber for hosting Simone.  If you have a room in your college (for @25-40 people), see if it can be used. 

10/19     1-4 pm NYS conference leadership (snack)
              2-4 pm faculty handbook workshop (snack)
              4-6:30 open forum and keynote – would like to have water, juice, coffee/tea, cookies available for the day events taking us into banquet.  President Policano would like THIS room (SAU Alumni Room) to be the room but have been working for a month on this.  So far, here are the available rooms:  Building 14 on September 19th has a nice lecture room (for leadership meeting) and 75-1160 classroom (CHST) from 12-7pm+ (another room for the 19th).  It was suggested that the faculty commons of COLA might be available; comfortable chairs and tables in the center.  Even has a sink and refrigerator.
              7-10 pm banquet @ $50/person; if a huge number of people come, may be able to charge $35.  Expense to state chapter = huge!  Cash bar. 

10/20    8 a.m.-12 noon complete NYS conference day meeting and open forum.  Usually have a brunch; just add danishes and bagels. Followed by lunch – catered.

In keeping with President Destler’s ban on water bottles, can we have someone “cater” big pitchers of water with lemon?

President Policano will ask the Provost about keynote on Brick City agenda.

What would be the most attractive discussion to have with colleagues?  Pres. Policano believes it’s the handbook.  “This is the best you can do -- have a good faculty handbook; one that uses will rather than ‘may’; the ‘will’ is the rule.”  Pres. Policano and Jean-Guy Naud have a lot of information this and Jean-Guy has agreed to lead this workshop.  The red book is a guiding principle for us – the “bible” for the AAUP formed in 1914. 

We are using the Rochester Inn and Conference Center for out of town guests.  Will arrange for shuttle -- actually, there already is a shuttle, but we may need help getting people to and from.


Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges

Local AAUP VP has been having a hard time making AAUP meetings but will try to join us today (and still on senate), and President Policano trying for alternative status on Senate but through Faculty Affairs, which is reviewing E18 –policy on visiting scholars.  B2 still on Faculty Affairs agenda; deciding on how to present/represent but Administration still troubled by units outside colleges.  They want to apply special dispensation for something like Golisano.  Pres. Policano in disfavor of that.  Another example is the new health sciences college.  Now our 9th college:  the Institute of Health Sciences and Technology.  But it’s not going to work with Writing Across the Curriculum.  Lot of instruction will be adjuncts and/or lecturers.  GIS? SIMS?  Almost worked out in SIMS because most faculty are already tenured in another college.  Faculty Affairs of like mind – either association with college or you create a university college.  Committees of all the other colleges – can even throw GIS in there; can be nimble; put up programs, certificate programs, etc., and still be represented by policies and procedures manual.
It was remarked that the Senate Executive Committee may not have done its job well enough with B2.  Of 796 eligible faculty eligible to vote, 117 voted:  67 in favor; 50 opposed (See AAUP “News” 6/13/12, http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup/).  Meanwhile, without the vote, lecturers still have a local vote/voice until the last second before another faculty vote is cast and takes it away.
Still working on student evaluations – on the approval process – faculty should be able to request the option for paper or at least be able to do it IN the class with a proctor.  “What about withholding grades if course evaluation not done?”  We’re all about the customer; students would be pissed; don’t see this as something that the Administration would go for but if there is a school out there doing this, let us know and we’ll put it before Senate.  But students aren’t using their email!  Getting harder to contact them.  Article in Chronicle of Higher Ed recently addressed this.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Survey

Final version – hopefully – distributed today; would like it to run for two weeks (9/24-10/5) with a couple of email reminders.  Our next meeting is on October 12th; the conference begins the 19th.  Still waiting for adjunct version; hopefully, will get it done by this Saturday.  Will be confidential.  What we try to do with a Clipboard Survey is to have a user list to see if or how many surveys completed.  Try to scramble order so that an IT person couldn’t figure out who did what, and then it would be totally anonymous.  Also tried to make the questions a little more clear without leading the data. 

Still some confusion over academic year versus “FWS”:  what about replacing it with “with the academic year being defined as fall through spring, not including summer quarter…” and then just use “academic year” thereafter?  Also question #3, what is your ethnic background?  Add “mixed” as another answer option.  Re #6, do we need another question about “many years have you been teaching in higher education?”  Make it #4 (all other numbers will shift).  President Policano will send this to Provost.  Last time he put a hold on it, wanted local AAUP president to participate more “formally” with a cohort of people who didn’t think we needed a survey.  Decided that this was superfluous information that wasn’t needed.  Subsequently, Provost did say go ahead and do it.  We had a very good response the last time -- about 45% -- and doing it Fall quarter is better.

Academic Year Meeting Schedule – posted; most meetings will take place in SAU CLARK A; any one want to help out with minutes?


NEW RIT Proposed Desktop Computer Security Standards (Open for Comment until 10/2/12) – have to have all requirements listed in column 2 – automatic log out after 15 minutes???  But the big issue is the Private Information Management Software.  These policies keep getting more and more robust.  Up to us to publicize it to some degree.  Maybe have some kind of response ourselves.

respectfully submitted 10/26/12 by Heidi Nickisher