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DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, November 9th, 2012

Officers in attendance:  President Tom Policano, Vice President Jack Beck, Secretary Heidi Nickisher


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  • Recap RIT AAUP Hosted NYS AAUP Conference Fall 2012, Oct 19-20, 2012

Thank you to Jim and Jack for their help.  Pres. Policano remarked that this chapter is done with conference business for awhile!  Former RIT President Al Simone was put in touch with Ms. Deare-Healey; another adjunct maybe getting help with finding job?



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  • Academic Affairs Policy Update:


Per Pres. Policano, B2 is going to be revisited again.  He also remarked that he is opposed to the Innovative Learning Institute (ILI).  More and more faculty will be expected to do at least hybrid if not completely online classes; it’s a muddying and confusing of the function of faculty at RIT.  At a minimum, it should stay at Wallace Library under Lynn Wild.  Library Director, Shirley Dawson, also very good. 

A question was raised about whether or not Multidisciplinary Studies was going into the ILI.   Yes, it is going to be housed in this structure!  Concern was expressed about the Institute’s “main thing” being promoting online courses.  Will those courses still reside in a school, like film courses from CIAS’s School of Film and Animation? Or are they to be overseen by the ILI?

The provost apparently looks at it as being more nimble with regard to the curricular needs of our students, although we should be very concerned.  Who are they (ILI) to initiate certain courses?  What we should do is find any documentation about this ILI and post it; put it on the agenda for next time.

The question was asked about whether we have independent schools?  There is the Golisano Institute of Sustainability (which, to date, still has no Senate representation but the Master of Architecture program needs it for Middle States); the College of Health Sciences and Technology; the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences... 

Pres. Policano remarked that the notion of a University – or virtual – College has been put out there, although not gaining a lot of ground, where one can have guidance, leadership, reporting capabilities, even departments in those units, and when things get big enough, they can break off and join other, already existing colleges.  The Provost, however, is against it – he sees it as administrative bloat.

A question was asked about whether a university college could have representation for all of its “entities” and the answer was yes, just like any other college where you get one representative for every 30 faculty members, and so on.  Pres. Policano added, however, that one of the problematic issues heard from some faculty is “who wants ‘University College’ on their business card?”  But one does not have to have that moniker.  It would just be language used to facilitate faculty governance, curriculum policies, etc.

It was also reported that the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) will be meeting all day next Wednesday, 11/14/12 and, as always, those meetings are open to all faculty.  Meeting will be held in 7A-A321.  FAC is reviewing all policies.

Pres. Policano also added that E9 (policy on visiting scholars) was back.  Will eliminate the review committee—just feedback from department faculty, passed to Dean with recommendation from department head, who then would pass along to Provost to decide.  Hopefully that’ll work for Senate and we’ll move that along.

Pres. Policano asked for any other standing committee updates.  Vice President Beck is on the Resource Allocation and Budget Committee (RACB) and reported that Jim Watters recently spoke with the committee (and the committee will be giving a presentation to Senate early next quarter).  Watters was talking about the Recommendations of Cost Containment and Productivity Report, which included employee benefits, procurement, infrastructure… it is recommended to eliminate graduate student benefits, retiree’s dependent benefits, limit dependent tuition, among other things.  (See RIT President Destler’s memo to the faculty regarding the report and its recommendations.  Will post to RIT AAUP documents.)

Vice President Beck wanted to suggest whether one can bank one year of dependent tuition for every five years of employment at RIT but the RACB did not have a lot of time to talk about it so he’ll make the suggestion next time.  Another issue that came up was to have all departments use RIT pizza and subs.  However, they’re more expensive!  Will start a program to give discounts, thereby keeping the money “in-house”.  To paraphrase J. Watters’s perspective about all the building is to use the example of GCCIS’s Game Design and Development program, which is growing, therefore bringing in more tuition, which in turn is supporting some of the new buildings.  In addition, Performing Arts might use the new hockey space… maybe something for faculty in there, too.

Any news AAUP should be aware of?  CIAS Foundations disbanded and most of its faculty now in the School of Art (with a few in the School of Design and the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences).  In COS, no more departments; all “schools” (actually, academic “units”) now.  Dean Sophia Maggelakis put together biological sciences and biotechnology and renamed as “School of Life Sciences”.  Chemistry and Physics never wanted to go along with changes but ended becoming the School of Chemistry and Material Science and the School of Physics and Astronomy.  And then there’s Mathematical Sciences.  Biomedical Sciences went to new college:  Health Sciences and Technology.  (It was, however, remarked that COS faculty probably doesn’t care anymore about these changes.)

Any new deans?  Dean of E. Philip Saunders College of Business, dt ogilvie.

respectfully submitted 10/26/12 by Heidi Nickisher