RIT AAUP <http://www.rit.edu/affiliate/aaup>
DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, December 14th, 2012

Officers in attendance:  President T. Policano; V. President:  Jack Beck; Secretary:  H. Nickisher; Treasurer:  A. McGowan



  • Announcements:  adjunct rate sheet to be posted on AAUP website as well as a new set of faculty rank statistics.

2.  Approval of the Minutes 11/09/12.  Approved. 


  • RIT COACHE Survey for all RIT full-time faculty – RIT paid extra to include lecturers, which is why we haven’t sent out lecturers survey.  We should send out a reminder email to all.


  • Academic Affairs Policy Update:

E09.0 Visiting Scholar Policy:  passed after 3 years of back and forth – much improved.  Anyone can be invited from another institution.  Would need department support and chair would also have to write a letter of support to dean, to provost, who approves.  Is a non-paying position, so funds would come from home institution.  But Visiting Scholar would have campus/faculty privileges, e.g., library services, etc.  Would also have to agree in writing to adhere to our intellectual property and conflict of interest policies. 

E06.0 Policies on Faculty Rank (and promotion) and E17.0 Faculty Leave of Absence.  Basically, what’s new are two things: the institute is trying to respect family needs, so if you have or adopt child, you will be allowed up to three years extension, one year at a time upon request, to “pause the clock” on tenure without penalty or addition expectations – IF this passes.  Faculty can also “step out” of their positions to do research – i.e., become research faculty – for example, if they get a big grant, which will also stop the clock.

Committee voting was clarified for promotion.  “Simple majority” for senior and principal lecturer promotions and a lecturer on the committee senior in rank to what one is applying.  If there isn’t one, then there will be no lecturer on the committee. 

Provost also requested privilege that if tenure committee returns a positive vote but dean’s vote is negative, and if Provost is concerned about decision, then he’s allowed to put together a group (chairs of college promotion committees?).  Granted. 

CIAS tenure committee wants specifically five out of seven votes necessary to recommend for tenure/promotion.  (The two are now linked.)  President Policano will check with Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) about the numbers.  In existing policy, there are no numbers.

Putting a table in the policy about who can look at all promotion documents.  It’s a complex chart but also a positive change.  Two years ago (?), the Provost wanted committee notes; did not get passed by Senate.

E13.1 Policy for Faculty Extra Service Compensation and Summer Employment:  still deep in the throes of reviewing.  All of this has to be worked out.  Provost has suggested that there be a specific rate for courses for all faculty for overload teaching beyond their contracts and an impartial rate.  May be resolved by published rate beyond contract that is negotiable.  In College of Science (COS), there might be an intersession class that might lessen the academic year load.  Presently, there’s a formula. 

In the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences (CIAS), one faculty member taught an extra class this past Fall at adjunct pay. 

Is RIT eliminating prorating summer salary?  e.g., summer teaching = overload.  Will now be paid at the end of the contract year.

Of concern is where you could have someone teach all year without a year-contract.

In CIAS there’s no guarantee a summer class is going to make so it’s not an expected part of academic course load.

Tuition rate during intersession will be discounted: charge less to make more.  Want the intersession to work!  For example, RIT would like to have working professionals, especially alumni, who work at Pixar or DreamWorks, to come teach a three-week course.

B02.0 Charter of Academic Governance:  back at FAC.  Voting issue for lecturers.  Arguing vehemently… voting faculty of the university is tenure-track faculty and principal lecturers.  FAC agrees that principal lecturers have voting privileges at the university, college, and department level.  With regard to senior lecturers getting that privilege, the committee is split.  President Policano is advocating for lecturers to get the vote.  The Provost is against that but he does want a consistent policy.  What was removed were seats at Academic Senate (AS).  If lecturers don’t get vote, then lecturer representation will come back to AS (currently off the table).  Also, after ten years, a lecturer gets to come up for promotion – regardless of whether invited; Dean doesn’t get to make that decision.

Town Hall with Provost about proposed changes to B2 coming up on Thursday, January 10th.  FAC to be presenting.
respectfully submitted 1/7/13 by Heidi Nickisher