DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, May 10th, 2013

Officers in attendance:  President T. Policano; V. President:  Jack Beck; Secretary:  H. Nickisher; Treasurer:  A. McGowan


  • Announcements: current membership = 10 registered members in the chapter as of 5/9/13
  • Approval of the Minutes 3/8/13

  • Academic Affairs Policy B2 Charter of Academic Governance PASSED
  • Tom will continue as senate rep if voted for by NTID and was re-elected to Faculty Affairs Committee, along with Kristin Waterstam-Rich

  • Summer RIT AAUP Meeting Schedule:  Tuesdays seem good… Will meet June 6/25 and one more time, TBD, in 7A-A321.
  • Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges for 2013-14 academic year.  One of those charges will be to get the wording right about nomination timeline and promotion from lecturer to senior lecturer.  Right now, in some colleges, very ambiguous!  COS dean was asked what timeline implied for someone approaching their 5th year – she replied by saying that nominations happen in the fall of 6th year; one is then evaluated and would find out if promoted in the Spring.  Therefore, promotion to Senior Lecturer beginning in 7th year.  THAT’S A CHARGE!  (It was also noted that in COS, Lecturers Advisory Committee is forming.  Will inquire about what kind of timeline others went through.)
  • Another item to need to revisit:  “jumping ranks”. 
  • Therefore, need to:  (1) clarify promotion timeline and (2) evaluate whether person with, for example, 10 years teaching experience as lecturer can “jump” to principal lecturer.  Plus, one more clarification about lecturer contract notification.
  • E5 (policy on tenure) was recently tabled at last Academic Senate meeting on 05.09.13 due to COS dean claiming “not having enough time to talk to constituents about most recent changes.”  [Concern about process about how and when to get letters and opinions in support (or not) for faculty coming up for tenure – who gets to vote, etc., etc.]
  • Provost would prefer a hierarchy of presentation so he isn’t sorting out of these sorts of issues.
  • A. McGowan will run for another term as treasurer; H. Nickisher will run for another term as secretary; J. Beck will run for president; and T.Policano will run for vice president.  It was suggested that maybe J. Beck should write a letter to the ten active members on the AAUP list and ask them to attend a meeting – something to the affect:  “Is there a chance you may participate?” and add that you’re running for president and would like to meet with them.  President Policano will send J. Beck the list, which is also on the RIT AAUP website.  Maybe also email all the lecturers about progress made towards assisting non-tenured faculty.
  • Are there records of attendees’ names from last year
respectfully submitted5/15/13 by Heidi Nickisher