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Haydn as a London “Star:” Thoughts on Using Material Culture to Teach Eighteenth-Century Music at a Liberal Arts College - by Vanessa L. Rogers

Vanessa Rogers (Rhodes College) integrates historical artefacts into her teaching of Haydn as historical figure and composition “star,” thus offering her liberal arts students a lively interdisciplinary view—material culture studies and musicology—of Enlightenment-era London.

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Generating STEAM: Haydn and the Arts in General Education at a “Career-Oriented” Institute of Technology - by Michael E. Ruhling

Michael E. Ruhling (Rochester Institute of Technology) uses Haydn’s works in lower- and upper-level courses, and in his college orchestra, to lead students to a basic understanding of the artistic tools and metaphoric-representational nature of the arts and humanities as part of the general education curriculum of a STEM-centric, “career-oriented” technological institute.

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