Saturday, September 16 - Join Tigers in your community for a day of service that reaches around the world!

You can bring Tiger pride and power to your community’s needs during RIT’s annual Global Day of Service. Join your fellow alumni for a group, hands-on project that will help non-profit organizations in your area.

Just a few hours of your time can have a big impact!

Projects are being set up around the world, and there may be one already set in your region – check the list of projects below.

Space is limited for all sites; register today to reserve your spot!

Projects in your region


No Global Day of Service project in your area yet? You can create a project that helps a non-profit in your area. Please read the Guidelines for a Successful Project before you begin, then submit the information below.

All projects must be submitted to RIT’s Alumni Relations Office by August 5, 2016.

Guidelines for Successful Projects

While every non-profit organization can use our help, there are guidelines for creating Global Day of Service projects to ensure that both the organization and our Tiger volunteers benefit from the day. Please follow these guidelines when creating any GDS project, or contact for questions.

  • Contact the non-profit organization before you create a project for Global Day of Service. Explain the purpose of the day, and ask if they have a work need that can be addressed by groups of volunteers in 3-5 hours. We strive for 20-25 volunteers at a location, but many organizations can only accommodate 5-10 volunteers.
  • Please make sure the organization understands that the day is set for Saturday, September 17, 2016. We cannot approve projects being done on other days.
  • Select a leader or “project champion” – an RIT alumnus who is willing to be the main contact for the non-profit organization, for RIT Alumni Relations, and for volunteers. The champion will receive all materials from RIT, and be in charge of confirming volunteer participation on the day.
  • Have a contact name, phone, and email for a staff member at the non-profit organization so project champions and RIT Alumni Relations can contact them if needed.
  • Make sure you have necessary detail on the project including: location to which volunteers will report, start and end time for working, minimum and maximum number of volunteers that can work on the project, and specific skills, clothing, or equipment the volunteers need to have.
  • Go to the project creation site and enter all the information. Submit, and once your project is approved, your project champion can confirm with the non-profit organization that Tiger alumni will be there on September 17!
  • When the project is approved, RIT’s Alumni Relations office will send your project champion a link to the project registration webpage. Your project will also appear in the list of projects by region. Emails will be sent to RIT alumni to encourage registration, and events will be promoted in social media. However, we also encourage you and your project champion to contact fellow alumni in your area and get them to register.
  • Before the Global Day of Service, RIT’s Alumni Relations office will send materials for the day, including a sign-in sheet for volunteers, and instructions for the project champion to confirm the event.
  • And most important for a successful project, have fun and do great work!