2011 Distinguished Alumni Award

Kevin J. Surace

Kevin J. Surace 1985
College of Applied Science and Technology

Kevin Surace, Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009, is on a mission to drive energy efficiency in the built environment through rapid ROI. As CEO of Serious Materials, Kevin leads the company in its mission to reduce energy usage of the world's largest contributor, our buildings. Before joining Serious Materials in 2002, Surace held executive and technical positions with Perfect Commerce, General Magic, Air Communications, National Semiconductor, and Seiko-Epson. He received his degree in electrical engineering technology from Rochester Institute of Technology where he currently serves on the Board of Trustees, and has been awarded nine patents. Surace also serves on the boards of Array Converter, and Zeta Communities.

As a student at RIT, Surace acquired the key to lifelong success. "My experience at RIT as a student was spectacular. I immediately found out how smart the other kids were here and how much I needed to strive to get those As. It wasn't easy any longer (compared to community college). But mostly I learned how to learn - in my classes and through co-op. Learning is a lifelong exercise. So many people stop after college thinking they are done learning when in fact, the learning has just begun."

Brooks H. Bower

Brooks H. Bower 1974
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences

Brooks Bower is chairman and chief executive officer of Papercone Corporation, the largest privately held specialty envelope manufacturer in the U.S. with over 125 employees. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree in printing.

Bower is deeply involved in philanthropic activities, which include serving on the boards of the Envelope Manufacturers Association and Foundation, Walden School, The Salvation Army Advisory Board and the Kentucky Derby Museum Foundation. Additionally, he is an active member of the Chief Executives' Organization, the World Presidents' Organization and the Young Presidents' Organization

The education I received at RIT was second to none; the printing program was world class. In the printing industry, having a degree from RIT was held in high regards. In addition to their strength and credibility as having a top notch printing program, their business classes were excellent. . .The program at RIT was a very hands-on program and it has led to me being a very hands-on manager and leader within my organization. A lot of executives try to manage their companies from their desk and are far less successful with that approach. I'm forever grateful that RIT gave me the foundation and skills necessary to lead a successful organization...

I consider my four years at Rochester Institute of Technology four of the greatest years of my life. I was living 3000 miles from home, far from any family or friends, too far to travel home on weekends or holidays. RIT became a second home for me and helped mold me into the person that I am today. Living on campus helped teach me responsibility and how to live and interact with people. In the years I spent at RIT, I went from a young and naive 18 year old student to a young man ready to take what the world had to throw at me. I grew immensely through the experience.

Today, Bower lives in Louisville with his wife, Marilyn. They travel extensively for business and pleasure, especially for snow skiing around the world. The Bowers have two children, five grandchildren and they love animals.

Dale J. Dangremond

Dale J. Dangremond 1981
College of Liberal Arts

Dale Dangremond has over 30 years of experience working in the disability field as an advocate, administrator, consultant, systems change agent, and parent of children with neurological disorders. Since 1990, she has worked nationally as an expert consultant on the topics of abuse and neglect, critical incident investigations, and incident/quality management in the disability, eldercare, and juvenile justice fields with federal, state, and local governments, as well as with private organizations through her company, Dangremond Consulting.

Her areas of expertise include design and implementation of processes to prevent harm in human service organizations, and competency-based assessment tools for investigation and incident management process. She also serves as an expert witness and monitor of incident management and critical incident investigation systems in connection with court orders and litigation settlements. She has extensive experience in the field of deafness, including: developing and managing specialized support programs; working as a professional sign language interpreter and faculty in interpreter training programs; and developing and implementing regulation and policy involving protection from harm/incident management, and accessibility/rights issues for individuals with hearing loss.

Dangremond has consulted for the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services on protection from harm issues in the Medicaid Waiver Program and on the "look behind" contract assessing ICF/MRs; as an expert with the US Department of Justice, Special Litigation Section/Civil Rights Division on CRIPA investigations; and she has worked for community-based organizations supporting children and adults with disabilities in New York, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Prior to forming Dangremond Consulting, she served in a variety of executive management positions at organizations including Labor Relations Alternatives, Inc., the District of Columbia Department of Human Services, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration (MRDDA), National Children's Center (NCC) and Seneca ARC.

Dangremond speaks highly of the impact that both faculty and RIT's unique program structure had on her career: The Social Work program at RIT provided me the challenges and opportunities that helped form the framework for my personal and professional philosophies and values related to advocacy and systems change work in the disability and human service fields. Professors like Marshall Smith, Barbara Kasper, Helen Irving, and Burt Caswell instilled a sense of responsibility of service to others through their teaching and advising. They not only challenged students to think, but to act as well. The relationship between the Social Work Program and NTID, unlike any other at the time, provided a unique opportunity for me to explore and develop my interests and professional skills in deaf culture and sign language. The RIT experience created the foundation of knowledge that opened the doors for my professional endeavors and led me to this stage of my career. For that, I am especially grateful.

In addition to earning her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from RIT's College of Liberal Arts, she also holds a Certificate from NTID's Interpreter Training Program, and earned her Master's in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Dangremond lives in Wellington, FL, with her husband, Bill, and sons Zack and Will.

Dr. Robert P. Loce

Dr. Robert P. Loce 1985, 1993
College of Science

Robert Loce is a Principal Scientist and Technical Manager in the Xerox Research Center Webster. He joined Xerox in 1981 with an Associate's degree in Optical Engineering Technology from Monroe Community College. While working in optical and imaging technology and research departments at Xerox, he earned a BS in Photographic Science (RIT 1985), an MS in Optical Engineering (UR 1987), and a PhD in Imaging Science (RIT 1993). A significant portion of his early career was devoted to development of image processing methods for color electronic printing. His current research activities involve leading organizations into new video technologies that are relevant to transportation and healthcare. He has publications and many patents in the areas of digital image processing, image enhancement, imaging systems, optics and halftoning. He is a Fellow of SPIE and a Senior Member of IEEE. His publications include a book on enhancement and restoration of digital documents and he has contributed book chapters on digital halftoning and digital document processing. He is currently an associate editor for Journal of Electronic Imaging, and has been and associate editor for Real-Time Imaging, and IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Clearly one to seize opportunity, Dr. Loce has this to say about his RIT experience: RIT provided an environment that has allowed me to grow into a dynamic career and productive member of the community. Coursework was both rigorous and relevant, which allowed me to solve challenging practical problems. Faculty and advisors were more than technical teachers. They taught professionalism, connected course concepts to real worldly matters, and challenged us to be creative and strive for excellence. The flexibility and continued evolution of the programs were very conducive to life-long learning, which I believe is critical in modern society.

Katie A. Linendoll

Katie A. Linendoll 2005
B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Katie Linendoll is an Emmy award-winning TV personality and technology expert, appearing on CNN and the CBS Early Show and regularly contributing her expertise to magazines like People, People Style Watch, Marie Claire, Shape and Fitness.

Prior to working on-air, Linendoll gained behind-the-scenes experience with ESPN and won an Emmy as Associate Producer for SportsCenter. Knowing what a producer wants and what it takes to create a show helped her transition to her new role in front of the camera, where she develops and creates all her own segments. Linendoll also co-hosted the Emmy nominated series, 'We Mean Business' on A&E and has blogged for Dell and Oprah.com. She has also worked on projects with AOL, Gizmodo and HP. She recently agreed to a one year deal with Lincoln and signed as a spokesperson for Polaroid.

While the tech world is ever changing, her passion centers on finding and showcasing new, innovative technologies. Recent favorites include robotic lifeguards and new speech software for children with autism. RIT fostered my early passion for technologies. I was challenged and taught programs that were advanced and applicable. The IT New Media program was a perfect fit for me and the biggest benefit was the environment: I learned and absorbed all I could from the brilliant minds that surrounded me every day. Additionally, RIT offered a unique on campus media experience through RIT SportsZone where I learned the ins and outs of TV production. This allowed me to transition into a full time position at ESPN, which then led to my current work for several major networks and national publications. I am grateful for my RIT experience and feel in comparison to other schools, I graduated way ahead of the curve.

Raymond V. Malpocher

Raymond V. Malpocher 1970
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Raymond Malpocher is an independent consultant specializing in the evaluation and rejuvenation of underperforming global manufacturing companies with an emphasis on enhancing underutilized technologies. His experience and professional expertise are highly valued, as he serves on the Board of Directors of Anchor Glass Container Corporation, a private corporation and the third largest glass manufacturer in North America; on the board and as lead director at Technology Research Corporation, a public company that designs, manufactures, and markets electrical safety products and supplies power monitoring and control equipment to the United States Military; and on the Kate Gleason College of Engineering Dean's Advisory Council. He has co-authored a book, which he anticipates publishing this year, that deals with the basic needs for any business or entity to survive in these challenging times.

Prior to beginning his consulting practice, from 2003 to 2006 Malpocher was President and Chief Executive Officer of Telex Communications in Burnsville, Minnesota, a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, life safety, and communication equipment. The equipment is widely used in sound reinforcement, broadcast, military, aviation, and dispatch centers. When Telex Communications was sold to the Security Systems Division of Bosch Communications, he left to pursue other interests. From 1998 to 2002, he was Group President of the Marine/Industrial division of Teleflex Corporation where he transitioned the division from basic wires and cables to sophisticated electronic systems. Malpocher also has held senior executive positions with Danaher Corporation, a leader in the implementation of lean manufacturing. He was a team member with Tech Ventures, a venture capital group in upstate New York that invests in and assists start-up companies.

Malpocher has been successfully involved in start-up, turn-around, and transitional companies. All have involved some type of engineering, varying in complexity from simple cable systems to advanced electronics. He attributes his education at RIT for giving him the broad engineering background and knowledge to deal with the various technologies he has encountered and to understand the issues needed to move these companies forward. Furthermore, RIT taught him how to quickly evaluate and understand the complexities of today's manufacturing companies.

Malpocher holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from RIT, an M.S. in Applied Math from the University of Rochester, and an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Rochester. He divides his time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Burnsville, Minnesota.

Mark Feder SVP

Mark Feder SVP 1971, 1975, 1976
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Mark Feder of Hawthorn Woods, Ill., is the owner/controller of B.E. Atlas Company, a family-owned wholesale hardware distributor that sells to more than 2,500 independent retailers, plumbers and electrical and construction contractors in the Chicago area.

While working for B.E. Atlas Company, Feder launched the National Catalog House of the Deaf (NCHD), which sold assistive devices such as visual signalers, closed-captioned decoders, TTYs, smoke alarms to Chicago's deaf and hard-of-hearing community. NCHD grew to be a nationally recognized TTY distributor, and Feder received a top sales award from National Captioning Institute. Based on the experience gained in running NCHD for 15 years, Feder presents to deaf entrepreneurs on establishing their own businesses.

As a student, Feder gained leadership experience as a member of NTID's Student Congress. Today he applies what he learned to enhancing the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing people in Chicago. He established the NTID Alumni Chapter of Chicago's strong foundation and was a past advisor to the Chicago Area Interpreter Referral Service. Currently he is assistant chair of the 11th Biennial Deaf Seniors of America Conference, which will be held in Chicago, August 31-September 6, 2011.

Reflecting on his experience at RIT more than three decades ago, Feder says, [graduating from] RIT was a great milestone in my life, and thinking back, it's clear that my time at NTID contributed in many ways toward my becoming a successful leader. I grew up in a mainstreamed/oral educational environment, and benefitted from the opportunities that NTID offered me such as leadership skills development, a quality education with dedicated teachers, support services, interpreting and meeting and working with hearing students. I gained knowledge that impacted my life in so many ways. I remember meeting with Dr. D. Robert Frisina, director of NTID, and he told me how important NTID was as a 'fishbowl' and how joining organizational activities would benefit me. My involvement with the NTID Student Congress during my college years gave me many rich experiences working among deaf and hearing students. NTID also encouraged me to have confidence in following my path, and provided guidance throughout my college years and job career. It also gave me the opportunity to interact with the local community and helped me secure a better future for myself and my family.

Feder earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from RIT's Saunders College of Business. He is married to Beverly (Taylor) Feder, SVP '71, '75, and enjoys spending time with his grown children, Rosanne, Tami and Kevin. He and Beverly recently became proud grandparents to Brennan. Mark is a strong supporter of the NTID Alumni Association, and encourages other NTID alumni to support RIT/NTID.

John Bartholomew

John Bartholomew 1960
Saunders College of Business

John Bartholomew is owner and operator of the Bartholomew Health Care Group, a network of four senior communities in Western New York. He founded the first of these communities, Crest Manor Living and Rehabilitation Center, over thirty years ago. A veteran of the senior living services sector, John has had particular success in the management of financially troubled facilities. From 1978 to 1981, he served as manager-in-bankruptcy of Flower City Nursing Home, turning the facility around from insolvency to licensure compliance and financial readiness for sale to Park Ridge Hospital (the facility is now Unity Living Center, part of Unity Health System). He also operated Braeview Manor Facility in Cleveland, OH through liquidation.

In 1985, he was named Nursing Home Administrator of the Year by the New York State Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators. John credits his wife, Mary, and son, A. John Bartholomew II, with his ability to step outside the centers and give back to the community. John is an active member of the New York State Health Facilities Association, having served as president, vice president, and secretary of its ninth district; he is also a fellow of the American College of Health Care Administrators. In addition to his professional affiliations, John sits on the boards of the Alzheimer's Association - Rochester Chapter, EquiCenter, the Genesee Valley Breeders Association, and Rochester Saints and Sinners, Inc. He is also a member of Genesee Country Museum's Sylvester Hosmer Society and a Rochester Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow.

A 1960 graduate of RIT, John states that the school's co-op work block system allowed him to pay for tuition all on his own. He chose to attend RIT because it was close to his home and his father proudly taught insurance courses at the university. John credits his RIT education with teaching him how to effectively research and find whatever information he needs. He has remained involved with his alma mater throughout the years, sitting on and chairing numerous committees of the Nathaniel Rochester Society, and participating in the College of Business Alumni Advisory Council (now the Saunders College of Business Alumni Advisory Board). John and his wife, Mary, established two scholarships at RIT: the Bartholomew Annual Scholarship for undergraduate students at the Saunders College of Business who have demonstrated a commitment to their education, and the John and Mary Bartholomew Quality Cup Scholarship, for students studying management. The Bartholomews reside in Palmyra, NY.