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What is the reason for introducing a new campus building identification system?

Over the past 10 years, RIT has invested more than $300 million in overall campus improvements. Projects have included new and renovated facilities, infrastructure enhancements, and overall beautification of the campus. All of this has created a more appealing environment, and the new identification system is intended to help soften some of the 'institutional' aspects of the university that remain.

Why eliminate the use of building numbers?

Most people agree that, unless you frequent a facility, it's very difficult to remember a building number. Some may be more familiar with its name; others by its area of academic focus (such as engineering or business). Referencing facilities by name only is an opportunity for the campus community to speak the same language.

In addition, eliminating building numbers as primary identifiers provides more opportunity to emphasize donors and other RIT champions whose names, in many cases, are already associated with these facilities. Other facilities known by numbers only have been appointed names.

What is replacing the building numbers?

New three-letter abbreviations are being assigned to each facility. Information & Technology Services (ITS) is leading efforts to modify systems to accommodate these abbreviations. Click here for a complete list of new campus facility names and three-letter abbreviations.

What was the inspiration for changing campus 'buildings' into 'halls?'

Dave Mullaney, an information technology student in the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, served as the original Student Government representative to the Campus Building Identity Committee. Having just returned from a visit to the University of Vermont, he was quick to paint a picture of contrast. "I never visited a campus that called things 'buildings' before," Dave told the committee. He proposed that RIT's academic facilities be renamed 'halls,' and committee members unanimously endorsed his suggestion.

Will a new mapping system and other signage accompany these changes?

Absolutely. New, easy-to-navigate maps be will posted across campus, and a variety of mapping solutions will also be available online. New signage for each campus facility is also being prepared. Plaques identifying donors and related background information on these individuals will be added to facilities where appropriate.

Are campus mailing addresses impacted by this change?

No. Your current "Lomb Memorial Drive" address is unaffected.

What steps can I be taking in preparation for the new identification system?

Your department should implement name changes to publications, forms, websites and other online resources and discontinue the use of building numbers. Use up all stock of existing stationery, but incorporate the new or revised name of your facility in all future reorders.

Will there be a lengthy transition period?

The transition to a new identification system will last up to a year, and it will be normal to have inconsistencies during that period. Members of the campus community are asked to be patient as the system is rolled out, and feedback is welcome!

Who is responsible for planning and implementing this change?

Over the past two years, the Campus Building Identity Committee has been working diligently on this project. Members of the committee represent a diverse cross-section of faculty, staff and students, who are optimistic that these changes will greatly enhance the campus experience for everyone.

Committee members include:
James Watters, senior vice president for Finance and Administration — co-chair
Lisa Cauda, vice president for Development and Alumni Relations — co-chair
Colleen Brade, Development/Donor Stewardship
Paul Stella, University News
Jim Yarrington, Facilities Management Services
David Hostetter, Information & Technology Services
Marissa Giambrone, Student Government representative
Bruce Meader, Faculty Senate representative
Nicole Boulais, Staff Council representative
Susan Ange, administrative assistant