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This transition is underway. Members of the campus community should begin taking steps to help implement this changeover. Please consider the following:

  • Use up all stock of existing stationery; incorporate the new or revised name of your facility in all future reorders and discontinue the use of building numbers
  • Lomb Memorial Drive mailing addresses are unaffected by this change
  • Implement name changes to publications, forms, Web sites and other online resources; consider using a combination of the current building numbers with three-letter abbreviations until the transition is complete at the end of 2010
  • Information & Technology Services is leading efforts to modify systems from the display of building numbers to three-letter abbreviations
  • New signage is being institutionally funded; Facilities Management Services is in the process of developing all temporary and permanent signs
  • Plaques identifying donors and related background information on these individuals will be added to facilities where appropriate
  • New maps available online highlight the various changes for greater ease in identifying and locating facilities