Cadet Activities

During School

The Color Guard is responsible for the care and appearance of the US, Army and RIT flags at events and ceremonies. Composed of the most meticulous and thorough Cadets, the Color Guard ensure that the flags are present and posted properly at all Tiger Battalion events and ceremonies. Additionally, they practice drill and ceremony and perform various military maneuvers for unit functions, such as the Saber Arch ceremony during the Dining Out or Military Ball.

During Ranger Platoon, Cadets learn and practice valuable tactical and technical skills that will improve their Soldiering and Officership abilities. Some of the subjects covered are land navigation, operations orders, weapons and proficiency. At the end of training, those Cadets who have passed all the requirements are entitled to wear the ribbon of Ranger Platoon.

The varsity sport of Army ROTC, Ranger Challenge is a demanding athletic and teamwork-driven activity that tests physical fitness, weapons proficiency, day and night land navigation skills, and individual movement techniques. Our Ranger Challenge team continually ranks among the best in our region.