Prospective Cadets

Training during school

The first two years of the Army ROTC program are called the Basic Course. The Basic Course trains Cadets on military appearance and bearing, physical fitness, group dynamics, and basic military tactics and techniques. MSL 1 Cadets learn the fundamental of military life, such as rank, customs and courtesies, and saluting, while MSL 2 Cadets study leadership theories, interpersonal communication, and time management in preparation for the Advanced Course. There is no military service obligation for enrolling in the Basic Course, unless a student signs a contract.

The second two years of the Army ROTC program are called the Advanced Course. The Advanced Course continues to train Cadets on physical fitness and group dynamics, while adding leadership development, military history, and advanced military tactics and techniques to the curriculum. In particular, MSL 3 Cadets gain practical leadership experience as they rotate through different military positions, planning and executing operations for the Tiger Battalion. MSL 4 Cadets prepare for their commissioning by focusing on Army specific leadership tasks such as writing evaluation reports and conducting training meetings. A student must sign a contract in order to enroll in the Advanced Course.

Military Science Basic Course curriculum is open to all RIT students interested in leadership and military skills training without any military obligation. The ROTC program consists of two phases: the Basic Course (normally taken during the Freshman and Sophomore years or obtained through advanced placement credit) and the Advanced Course (normally taken during the junior and senior years). Students learn the fundamentals of leadership and then progress through increasing leadership responsibilities in order to improve individual levels of proficiency. Students, who wish to enroll as a cadet, or to contract as a cadet, must meet certain medical, physical, and academic standards. ROTC is traditionally a four-year program. Students with prior service, members of Army Reserve or National Guard units and ROTC Leadership Training Course (LTC) graduates may be eligible to waive the lower division courses and complete the program in two years.

On Thursday afternoon, at 2:00 PM, all Tiger Battalion Cadets gather to learn and practice various military tactics, techniques and procedures. These range from radio communications to squad movement to first aid to weapons familiarization. Leadership lab allows Cadets to integrate everything they have learned into a practical situation. At the end of each quarter, that knowledge is put to the test in a skills competition. If you are interested in seeing our labs to see how you match up, contact us today!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, we greet the day with an intense and motivational Physical Training (PT) session. PT starts at 6:30 AM and lasts for one hour. The regimen balances muscular strength and endurance with cardio-respiratory fitness, consisting mainly of push-ups, sit-ups and running. We also integrate circuit drills, sprints, and sports sessions. Our PT sessions are demanding, but nothing feels better than knowing you are physically fit and ready to handle any challenge!

Twice a year the Tiger Battalion goes out to the field to test their skills they have learned from Leadership Labs and Military Science classes. These training exercises allows Cadets to quickly learn and improve on skills that they will need in their future Army careers.