Each year, Army ROTC awards scholarships to students, regardless of financial need. These scholarships usually cover tuition and fees, and may also include stipends up to $5,000 per academic year and a book allowance of $1,200.

Since these scholarships provide so much, only the best in terms of academics, athleticism, and leadership, receive them. Excellent grades, high SAT/ACT scores, community leadership, extracurricular activities, and superior physical fitness are all important factors in the selection process. The selection standards for scholarship winners are high, but the rewards for winning and accepting an Army ROTC scholarship are even greater.

In addition to being proud of a four-year scholarship, you will also be proud upon completion of your academic and military curriculum, when you are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Army. Many Cadets are commissioned into active duty, but there is an opportunity to request duty in the Army Reserves or Army National Guard.

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Apply for a four-year scholarship while you are still in high school and if qualified and selected you can attend college virtually free! A four-year scholarship will cover full tuition and fees, and includes an annual stipend ranging from $300 to $500 per month. Additionally, you will receive $1200 each year for books.

A limited number of three year scholarships may be available. These scholarships cover tuition and fees for three years. A monthly stipend, ranging from $350 to $500 per month, and a book allowance of $1200 per year, are included. As with the four-year scholarship, academics, athletics and leadership are considered in the selection process. Those who excel in each of those areas will be very competitive for a three year scholarship.

Three year advanced designee scholarships are similar to three-year scholarships in terms of benefits, except that they are open to high school students, who will receive the scholarship in their sophomore year of college.

Two year scholarships may be available to those who have two years of academics left (graduate and undergraduate) and have completed the ROTC basic course.

Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) scholarships provide two-years worth of benefits. Instead of commissioning into active duty however, you will be commissioned into the Army Reserves or National Guard. If you know that you want to be in the Reserves of National Guard, then this may be the scholarship for you.

The Army National Guard (ARNG) also offers two, two and a half, and three year scholarships. If you earn and accept one of these, you will be commissioned into the Army National Guard.

Green-to-Gold scholarships are awarded to talented Soldiers who wish to attend college. As with all the other scholarships, only the best Soldiers are selected. Additionally, such Soldiers must have served at least two years on active duty to apply. There are several options available, including two year, three year, and four year scholarships, You may also enter college through the Green to Gold Program as a non scholarship student.