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Performance Analysis of Lead Free Solder Alloys (Sn-Ag-Cu & Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi) with lead free surface finish (OSP & Immersion Ag) under thermal shock and thermal aging conditions
Thermal Profiling-Effect of peak temperature and Time-Above-Liquidus (TAL) deviation from process window
Study of the Impact of Stencil Solvent on SnPb and SAC pastes
Study of delamination phenomenon in plastic packages in a lead free processing environment
Lead free research compendium
Semiautomatic photonic device assembly process development
Pad and aperture shape and size characterization for 0201 assembly
Solder beading & tombstoning of chip components
Area array consortium
International stencil consortium
Underfill flow modeling for flip chip assembly
No-Flow underfill characterization
Deep pocket feeder evaluation
SMT adhesive dispense characterization for jetting
Reflow process evaluation for modeled 3D components
Flip chip assembly builds  
High speed stencil printing  
SMT prototype board assembly and process development
Nickel squeegee evaluation  
SMI solder paste print study  
BGA assembly process characterization