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Electronics Packaging Training

CEMA offers training and development in every aspect of electronics packaging. From degree programs (BS and MS) specializing in this field to customized seminars, in-field training and distance learning, the faculty and technical associates at CEMA can help develop a world class workforce to meet your needs.

Unique Features
IPC & SMTA recognized faculty
Flexible course scheduling
Tailor made curriculum to meet customer specifications
Competitive pricing
Training courses are designed to accommodate a wide range of audience
On-site training will include discussions & analysis of existing products
processes within the facility
Presentations incorporate extensive graphics, visual aids, show & tell, and
real world samples
Promotes interactive customer problem solving
What will participants gain?
Obtain a thorough understanding of the technology, process and
implementation of SMT & advanced packaging
Have the opportunity to hear real experiences from within the organization or from other company participants
Discuss & analyze existing processes and methods within their facility
Participate in interactive lectures & discussions to learn and present problems and issues involved in SMT & advanced packaging
Learn to analyze & solve design/process related problems
Gain a new level of confidence and provide competitive advantage
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various issues relating to this
For further information on training, please contact us at 585-475-6934