Department of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Environmental, Occupational Health and Hydraulics Lab

Environmental, Occupational Health and Hydraulics Lab

Lab Location: 82-3165

This is a multipurpose lab that is the location of the following courses: Hydraulics, Principles of Water and Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Monitoring & Measurement, Occupational Health & Safety, and Civil Engineering Graphics.  The space is also used for research that is being conducted by faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

Equipment and Highlights

Hazardous materials monitoring and environmental health capabilities include full Level A turnout gear for fifteen, a full compliment of personal protective equipment (PPE) including respiratory protection.  Instrumentation includes specialized monitoring equipment including midget and full impingers, air sampling pumps, noise dosimeters, IAQ units, dust and respirable analysis.  Capabilities also include FID/PID volatile and semi-volatile direct read through Biosystems and Foxoboro meters, and also includes two TVA 1000 full spectra analysis. Radiation safety equipment supports both real-time and dosimetry capability with Ludlum and NMR systems;

The lab space was used by undergraduate researchers in the summer of 2009 to investigate leaching of lead from toys in saliva and a suite of green wall experiments including: improving air quality, herb growth and cost-effectiveness for restaurants, and wastewater treatment.