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Featured Scholar (Faculty)


John Morelli

Dr. John Morelli is the founding director of Environmental Management Leadership Initiative. His purpose is to create a philosophical home for the profession and a forum for professional environmental managers and students to collaboratively engage in research and discussion to better define and elevate the profession, also moving us toward a more socially responsible and sustainable future.

There are two components of the Initiative: the Environmental Management Leadership Symposia series and the website. Environmental Management Leadership Symposia have been held in the US at RIT, and abroad at Budapest University in Hungary, the American College of Management and Technology in Croatia, Bocconi University in Italy and in March 2010 will be held at Lueneburg University in Germany.

These symposia include series of roundtable workshops in which specified issues are examined from the perspective of the environmental manager with a long-term goal of developing consensus documents representing the position of the profession.

Topics are posted on the website at, which is intended as an international research collaboratory for environmental management practitioners, faculty and students to develop topics and issues to be discussed at the symposia. It will also host published professional position papers and various other working documents.