We enroll approximately 1/5 of all students at RIT!

Department Contacts

The College of Applied Science and Technology at RIT is home to four dynamic academic departments as well as Army and Air Force ROTC. We invite you to visit them as well as our Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly to better understand all the exciting things we do here!

Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Management & Safety

In its continued response to the highly-placed emphasis on our environment and the world in which we live, the college’s Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Management and Safety Department assures that its graduates are poised to be the best when they go out in the world to build our communities and protect our environments! Together with faculty, students work on exciting projects and course-related work to truly embrace classroom theory through hands-on application. For example, civil engineering students build a canoe out of concrete (and it floats!) and environmental management safety students begin making valuable contributions to protecting our environment right away by working on sustainability projects!


Marilyn Bullard
Marilyn Bullard Senior Staff Specialist
Civil Engineering Technology, Env. Mgmt & Safety

(585) 475-2183

3107 CAST

Amy Sickles
Amy Sickles Senior Staff Assistant/Advisor
Civil Engineering Technology, Env. Mgmt & Safety

(585) 475-7318

3107 CAST


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The Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Engineering Technology

The Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Department offers cutting-edge degree options that prepare students for life-long success in some of today’s most innovative, yet ever-changing engineering technology-focused careers! A student faculty group recently built a three-wheeled recumbent bike and modified it to operate as a PHEV (Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle). 


ectet@rit.edu, 585-475-2179

Kathleen Alhart
Kathleen Alhart Office Manager
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology

(585) 475-2980

2110 CAST

Pamela Gurbacki
Pamela Gurbacki Sr. Staff Assistant
Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering Technology

(585) 475-5021

2110 CAST


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Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology

The curriculum in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology is closely aligned with industry trends and demands to provide students the best academic and hands-on learning options in these disciplines. Students can do everything from test the machines they’ve built in Baja competitions to work alongside faculty who are doing partnering with NASA!


Julie Knopf
Julie Knopf Sr. Staff Specialist
Manufacturing & Mech. Eng. Tech./Packaging Science

(585) 475-7070

1165 Golisano


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Packaging Science

The Packaging Science program provides rigorous and challenging academics that prepare our graduates to succeed as packaging professionals. With a faculty committed to excellence, our program provides a significant theoretical foundation coupled with extensive design and project experiences throughout the curriculum


International Hospitality & Service Innovation

The service industry has become the largest industry in the United States! Our School of International Hospitality and Service Innovation houses two departments:

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management prepares our students with the competitive edge necessary to land the best jobs in their fields from food management-including food product development and innovative food management-travel, tourism and event management.


Mary Banna
Mary Banna Sr. Staff Assistant
Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management

(585) 475-3078

4194 Eastman


The Department of Service Systems focuses on offering students graduate degree programs in health systems administration, service leadership and innovation, and human resources.


Lori Harris
Lori Harris Sr. Staff Assistant
Department of Service Systems

(585) 475-5075

1187 Ross


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Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC Detachment 538 is the first step to gaining a commission in the United States Air Force. Detachment 538’s mission is to produce leaders for the Air Force and build better citizens for America. This is done through an elective educational program designed to give you the opportunity to become an Air Force officer while completing your college degree. Opportunities are also available to compete for Air Force scholarships. The ROTC program provides academics, fitness and leadership training based on the Air Force core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Service. This training provides you with the leadership skills essential for the Air Force and future endeavors in life.


Elizabeth Weaver
Elizabeth Polmateer Staff Assistant
Air Force ROTC

(585) 475-5197

A250 Ross


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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and is available at RIT. During classes and field training, you will learn first-hand what it takes to lead others, motivate groups, and execute missions as an Officer in the Army. Upon graduation from Army ROTC, you will earn the rank of a Second Lieutenant and become a leader for life.


Tish Purcell
Tish Purcell Staff Assistant


A210 Ross


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Center for Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly

The Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly (CEMA) is an academic research lab offering the Electronics Packaging industry research services, failure analysis, training, process development, consulting and laboratory rental. CEMA's mission is to be a quick turnaround, value added, electronics packaging services to companies and to enhance the performance of our partners through focused training and applies research.


Mary Ann Donato
Mary Ann Donato Sr. Staff Assistant
Center for Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly

(585) 475-6934

1520 Slaughter


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