Department of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering Technology

Data Communications Certificate


The data communications certificate focuses on application of data communications in the physical layer of the protocol suites.


Required Courses

Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Telecommunications Fundamentals 0614-271 4
Networking Technologies 0614-477 4
Technical Programming I 0618-231 4
Certificate Total: 12

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Course Descriptions

0614-271 Telecommunications Fundamentals

A survey of and introduction to the structure and regulation of the telecommunications industry. The basics of data communications, telephony, switching systems, ISDN, multiplexing, and networks are introduced. Data communications components, codes and techniques are identified. Methods for selecting, implementing and managing a computer network or telephone system are reviewed.
(No prerequisite)

0614-477 Networking Technologies

This course provides a practical study of voice & data communications from the point of the OSI seven-layer and the TCP/IP five-layer protocol model. Traditional circuit switched telecommunications as well as VoIP are studied. This course covers the operation of the lower four layers in detail by examining some of the foundation laws including Nyquist and Shannon as well as selected protocols. Emphasis is placed on data internetworking, local-area networking and wide-area networking. This course is a problem based course in that students apply the learning to various computer and networking mathematical problems. Lab work ensures a level of networking competency and provides reinforcement of concepts developed in the lecture.
Prerequisite: Data Analysis (1016-319) or equivalent, Calculus Foundations I (1016-261), and Telecommunications Fundamentals (0614-271) or permission of the instructor.

0618-231 Technical Programming I

The first course, of a three-course sequence, in developing software for the solution of technical applications. Specifically, procedure-oriented programming of the C++ language will be employed to develop software solutions for engineering and scientific applications. Object-oriented programming will be introduced by the use of predefined objects.
Prerequisite: Computer Competence Placement Test, 0610-230 or 4002-200

Acceptable substitute for this course is as follows:

4002-208 Introduction to Programming

A first course in programming using C++ in writing modular, well-documented programs. Topics include an overview of problem-solving methods, C++ control structures and their uses, procedures and functions with parameters, elementary data types, arrays, records and modular programming. Weekly programming assignments stress features of structured programming and C++.
Prerequisites:(4002-200 or computer literacy; co requisite 4002-208 lab) For students who have already completed 0618-231 or 4002-208, the more advanced course Technical Programming II (0618-232) can be used.

Transfer Courses

Courses from other institutions cannot be substituted.
Please request substitutions of RIT courses with your application form.

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