History / Vision / Mission


history The William G. McGowan Center for Telecommunications, Innovation, and Collaborative Research was established in July of 2007 as the Laboratory for Advanced Communication Technology broadened its mission. The Center was named in honor of William G. McGowan, the founder of MCI and a pioneer in the telecommunications industry. The department of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology in the College of Applied Science and Technology is the home of the Center, while researchers and technologists from various parts of RIT participate in its work.


vision The vision of the Center is to make important contributions in applied research and technology development by establishing meaningful, vibrant collaborations with academia, industry, and the government. The focal point of this work is in communications, power and energy, signal processing, and entertainment engineering.


mission The mission of the Center is to bring together diverse research minds around common problems to address the many challenges and opportunities we face in our world. Our goal is to forward applied research, introduce new technologies, and to add to the body of knowledge for positive societal impact. Students, faculty, staff, and colleagues benefit from the collaborative approach we've established around technological innovation.