Department of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering Technology

MS in Telecommunications Engineering Technology


The telecommunications graduate major will accommodate individuals with both technical and non-technical baccalaureate degrees who were seeking graduate education to help them advance into managerial and leadership roles in the dynamic telecommunications environment. This degree major is available in traditional on-campus education. Telecommunications graduate courses are generally offered during the day and on-line.  A full-time student, taking 3-4 courses a semester, may be able to complete the degree within one year.  Part-time students, taking 1-2 courses a semester, should be able to complete the degree in 2-4 years.  The time for degree completion varies with each student and their specific needs and circumstances as well as the size of the project or thesis that is completed.

Position Titles of Recent Graduates

  • Network Developer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Facilities Engineer
  • Network Applications Engineer
  • Network Applications Support Specialist
  • Sales Engineer

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Semester Curriculum Plan

1       TCET-710 Principles of Telecommunication 3    
TCET-730 Telecom Policy and Issues 3    
TCET-740 Fiber Optic Telecom Technology 3    
TCET-750 Wireless Infrastructure and Policy 3    
TCET-720 Telecommunications Concepts   3  
TCET-760 Network Planning and Design   3  
  Technical Elective   3  
GRCS-702 Graduate Writing Strategies   3  
            2       THESIS OPTION:        
TCET-790 Graduate Thesis 6    
GRCS-701 Research Methods 3    
TCET-797 Graduate Project 3    
  Technical Elective 3    
GRCS-701 Research Methods 3    


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Course Descriptions

Course descriptions can be found Here. Enter "T" then select TCET.

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Additional Information

Program Accreditation

The MS in Telecommunications Engineering Technology is accredited by:

The Institute is chartered by the Legislature of the State of New York and accredited by the Commission on
Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

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