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Graduate Projects

Professor: Ron Fulle
Department: Telecommunications BS & MS Program within the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST)

Bank of America Expansion by Rohit Karhu 2013.

OPNET was Alain Cohen's (co-founder and current CTO & President) graduate project for a networking course while he was at MIT.

Download full paper [PDF]


OPNET Transport Planner Graduate Project by Jamal Arif May 2012.

OPNET Graduate Project is aimed at providing an opportunity to get an insight into the OPNET Transport Planner and is used to design and simulate optical network models.

Download full paper [PDF]


OPNET Graduate Project by Suleiman Osman May 2012.

In this project we avoid to build Mesh topology because it is clear that Mesh topology has the best deal with network failures with high network cost. However the project will be designed in four scenarios.

Download full paper [PDF]


A large network expansion to 13 International SE Asia cities by Niket Shah May 2011.

Reliance Communications Inc. is one of the biggest and fastest growing telecommunication network companies in India. It was started by Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani in 1985, and has been growing ever since. Reliance Communications specializes in providing high quality, technologically advanced voice and data equipment and services.

Download full paper [PDF]


Using OPNET Transport Planner to compare fully-meshed, star and ring topologies by Shaun Bhagwandin-- May 2010.

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A fiber backbone network for a China based wireless network by Supriya Kulkarni--2009

As the wave of Restructuring hits China Telecom industry, the leading telecom companies have started to expand and revamp their networks. “As part of the move, China Telecom has acquired the CDMA line of China Unicom, and China Unicom has been merged with China Netcom. Another incumbent operator, China Mobile, has acquired China Railcom”.[1]

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Student Spotlight: Amanda Wells,Electrical Engineering Technology major
"I love to experience new things, so I'm living up the college life..."

Eleven Caribbean islands are networked together by Godwin George—2009

In the Caribbean there is a regional force that maintains Law and order, and also track down local and international crime lord. It has been a challenge to ensure effect coordination and communication between the different headquarters which are located in 20 plus Island through the Caribbean.

Download full paper [PDF]

A modern fiber network for multiple locations in the Dominican Republic is designed by Paul Vicioso Osoria--2009

4Com is a telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic that offers integrated services of Internet, digital television and voice to personal customers, as well as specialized services to businesses, institutions and other service providers, ensuring reliable service, high quality, accessible cost and highly secure infrastructure. The voice, data and video network is fully supported over IP technology; the last mile to the customer is primarily based on WiMax technology with point to point microwave access. The large volumes of information generate by the customers is routed through the internal fiber backbone.

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Getting to Know OPNET Transport Planner by: Franklin Perez Coste

The main goal of this graduate MS in Telecommunications paper is to demonstrate how graduate students can learn about OPNET Transport Planner in a general sense from designing a network. The strategy used is to create several simple scenarios in which to practice and use as many attributes as possible from the OPNET Transport Planner suite. This is an excellent first step in the pathway to becoming proficient with this powerful tool.

Download full paper [PDF]

Indian University Nation-wide Terrestrial Backbone Network by: Abhishek R. Sharma

The fictitious scenario for this paper is as follows: Indian Universities constitute one of the largest Higher Educations Systems in the world. “With 265 universities and 13150 affiliated colleges it is a great challenge to ensure effective communications…” Fast changing curricula and frequent introduction of new subjects impose a great demand on the system in general. Since technology is a driving force in contemporary education, the Government of India has launched a series of ambitious programs to bring about a qualitative change in the academic infrastructure. A.B. Corp Consultancy group has been hired to design a network that will provide a state-of-the-art campus wide network. OPNET Transport Planner is utilized in this scenario to help professionally address this specific opportunity.

Download full paper [PDF]

China—A Nationwide Fiber Optic Network by: Qian Li

Utilizing a scenario that basically encompasses the entire country of China, this project is to design and develop a nation-wide network, then to test different “what if” scenarios with varying topologies, traffic matrices and configurations. Comparisons of the results are utilized to determine the most effective and least costly network design among those tried. Through the use of this fictitious scenario, Qian Li is able to demonstrate the use of various OPNET Transport Planner features as well as the ease of comparison among different designs.

Download full paper [PDF]