Hospitality & Tourism Management

HTM Product Development Lab

Location: HTM Product Development Lab

Primary Functions of Lab: Food preparation lab used primarily for courses 0621-225 Principles of Food Production and 0621-416 Product Development.  Sanitation standards are maintained in the kitchen, including required food service uniforms.  The classroom/computer end of the room is sometimes used by other HTM classes, if appropriate: for example, 0621-426 Technology in Service Systems, requires projects done using the software on the computers in this room; 0620-520 Techniques of Dietetic Education and 0620-554 Nutrition in the Life Cycle may be held there as those are small classes with HSM students who have been certified in sanitation and who will may use the computers for nutrition analysis of diets.

Equipment and Highlights:

Computer and software: 7 Dell Optiplex 755, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Ram; Adobe Creative Suite 3, Food Processor SQL; MS Office 2007;  specialized software including The Food Processor (nutrition and recipe analysis), Digital Image Suite, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Dreamweaver for web site development

Food preparation equipment: 20 work stations at two islands, each with a set of cooking pots, small wares (wooden spoon, rubber scraper, metal spatula, whisk, and other hand tools), portable mixer, measuring tools, mixing bowls.   Shared equipment: 4 food processors, 4 blenders, 6 stand mixers (Kitchen Aid), assorted baking pans, 4 - 5 ice cream freezers, assorted serving dishes, 14 ovens, 18 cook tops,  8 refrigerators (7 under-counter, 2 tall), 1 freezer, 10 sinks (4 very small, 2 with dishwashers, 4 deep basin for sanitizing), 2 garbage disposals, 2 dishwashers.

Food Demonstration area, ceiling mounted equipment: one 42” flat panel display, 2 video cameras, one data projector.