Reflecting its growing programs in hospitality, nutrition, human resource development and service leadership, in the fall of 2010, Fred Walker, Ph.D., Dean of RIT's College of Applied Science and Technology, announced that the former School of Hospitality and Service Management was renamed the School of International Hospitality and Service Innovation.

Within the new school, two departments were formed:

Department of  Hospitality & Tourism Management Department of Service Systems

*For International Hospitality and Service Management, and MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management visit the HTM Department Site. *
*For MS in Human Resources Development, Service Leadership and Innovation, And Health Systems Administration programs visit the Service Systems Department site. *

"The faculty and staff of the former School of Hospitality and Service Management provided guidance and thoughtful insight into this reorganization," said Walker. "With our new school and new departments, we are better poised to reach higher levels of academic excellence and increased student satisfaction, while continuing to prepare our students to best meet the demands of industry."

Hospitality and Tourism Management encompasses the undergraduate programs in hospitality and service management, as well as the graduate program, Hotel-Tourism. The programs are administered by Chair Carol Whitlock, Ph.D. Department personnel and facilities, such as the teaching restaurant, Henry's, and its adjacent, professional kitchen are located on the fourth floor of Eastman Hall.

The Department of Service Systems includes undergraduate service courses and graduate programs in health systems administration, service leadership and innovations, and human resource development. The Department of Service Systems is currently led by interim chair Linda Underhill, Ph.D. Members of the department relocated to the second floor of Ross Hall.