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Packaging Materials Lab


Packaging Materials Lab

Lab Location: 78-2480

Primary Functions of Lab

The RIT Packaging Materials laboratory is an academic laboratory used by students as a resource for understanding material properties, the equipment and material found in the lab allows students to conduct an array of material property testing along with equipment to prototype packages. 

Some of the equipment located in the Materials Laboratory is calibrated and available for material property testing for a vast range of clients.



Data Tech Table is a rapid prototyping tool allowing users to create unique folding carton and corrugated structures.  Designs for rapid prototyping paper based packaging are created utilizing ArtiosCAD software.   


The Sencorp model 810/1-CE is a self-contained sheet fed laboratory thermoformer. This unit is designed for experimental work, material testing and producing prototypes and samples. It is equipped to perform all necessary functions to simulate parts formed on a production thermoformer. 

Heat Seal Equipment (ALINE, ThermOseal, Sencorp)

These 3 units are used for making heat seals in a laboratory setting for the evaluation of heat sealable materials. These units can also be used for quality control testing of materials as well as for prototyping pouches.


Rapid Prototyping

  • Data Tech D6646

  • Thermoformer Sencorp model 810/1-CE

  • Heat Sealer (Aline, Sencorp, Thermoseal)

  • Induction Sealer 

  • Shrink Tunnel

  • Manual box cutting

  • Manual Dixie Canner

Material Property Testing 

  • Instron Tensile Tester

  • Mullen Burst

  • TMI Compression

  • Taber Tester

  • Dart Drop Tester

  • Haag Vacuum Tester

  • TMI Pendulum Tear Tester

  • Torque Tester

  • Sutherland Rub Teste

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