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Packaging Science Dynamics Lab


Packaging Science Dynamics Lab

Lab Location: 78-1290 

Primary Functions of Lab

The Packaging Dynamics Lab is a certified International Safe Transit Association Test Lab, equipped to conduct distribution test in accordance with ISTA and ASTM testing procedures.  The Dynamics lab features equipment for simulated distribution test such as vibration, shock, and compression.  A wide variety of standards and customized testing for clients from across industry are conducted in addition to being an academic resource for students.   

Equipment and Highlights

  • Shock tester:  Used to determine product fragility
  • Pneumatic Drop Tester:  Simulate handling in distribution environment
  • Lansmont HydroelectrolicVibration Table:  Simulate transit vibration
  • Dynamic Compression:  Used to determine strength and simulate warehouse stacking situations
  • Environmental Chamber:  For accelerated aging and conditioning
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