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MS in Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration


The MS Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration program is a multidisciplinary degree offered by the department of manufacturing and mechanical engineering technology in collaboration with the colleges of Business and Engineering. The program is designed for individuals who wish to achieve competence in the effective integration of the computing, manufacturing, design, and maintenance processes found in any manufacturing enterprise. Students take a set of common core courses and then elect a concentration in design, manufacturing, software, electronics packaging, management, or quality.

MS/CIMET Contact Information
Program Chair:

S. Manian Ramkumar

Types of jobs a person might have in this field

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Manufacturing and mechanical systems integration (thesis option) typical sequence effective Fall 2013 (semesters)


CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
MFET-650Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Fundamentals3
CQAS-670Designing Experiments for Process Improvement3
PACK-702Graduate Writing Strategies3
 Concentration Course 1, 26
CQAS-682Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals3
ACCT-703Accounting for Decision Makers3
MFET-788Thesis Planning3
Second Year
DECS-714Project Management3
 Concentration Course 33
Total Semester Credit Hours 36


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Manufacturing and mechanical systems integration (capstone project option), typical course sequence effective Fall 2013(semesters)


Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
MFET-650 Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Fundamentals 3
CQAS-670 Designing Experiments for Process Improvement 3
PACK-702 Graduate Writing Strategies 3
  Concentration Course 1, 2 6
CQAS-682 Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals 3
ACCT-703 Accounting for Decision makers 3
  Elective 3
Second Year
DECS-714 Project Management 3
  Concentration Course 3 3
  Elective 3
Choose one of the following: 3


Capstone Project  

Lean Six Sigma Project

Total Semester Credit Hours 36


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Concentration options


CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
Product Development
MCET-620Robust Design and Production Systems3
MCET-670Concept Design and Critical Parameter Management3
MCET-720Product and Production System Development and Integration3
Automated Manufacturing
MFET -685Robots and CNC in Integrated Manufacturing3
MFET 670Manufacturing Automation Controls3
ISEE -710Systems Simulation3
Electronics Packaging 
MFET-655Electronics Packaging Fundamentals3
MFET-765Advanced Concepts in Electronics Packaging3
TCET-740Fiber Optics Telecommunications Technology3
Management Systems  
MGMT-742Technology Management3
 Operations and Supply Chain Management3
MGMT-740Organizational Behavior and Leadership3
Quality Management 
CQAS-621Statistical Quality Control3
MCET-620Robust Design3
CQAS-741Regression Analysis3


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Students in the thesis option will take one elective; those in the capstone project option will complete two electives. Courses selected must be any course from another concentration, any course from another graduate program (if approved by the program director and faculty member teaching the course), and any independent study course if approved by the student’s program director

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Course descriptions

Semester course descriptions will be coming soon.

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