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John Albers

John Albers

Packaging Science
Grand rapids, MI

Since my first class at RIT, I knew I was at the right school. A combination of the major I selected as well as the faculty and staff has helped me get the most out of my time at RIT. The school offers students a wide array of programs and organizations to get involved with, as well as opportunities to grow personally and technically. I have met many students from different areas of the world in different majors, and I will have the opportunity to grow my relationships with each of them, even after we graduate. One of the strongest points of my education at RIT has been the ability to have many different co-op opportunities. Not only does RIT value education, but they also work very diligently with students to find co-ops prior to graduating. While on co-op I was able to apply what I learned in class to my work while learning more about the packaging industry. I am very proud to be graduating from RIT...opportunities are always available to students, and that is a huge advantage being at RIT. As always...GO TIGERS!

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